Homecoming is on October 13th, in the LPHS gym. The price is $20 if the ticket is bought before the dance at the finance office and $25 at the door. Finding a good day date for any dance is challenging, so below are a few different day dates that are local and tons of fun!

Go-Karting: FastKart Speedway in Orem is an indoor Go-Kart track. 10 minutes of racing is $22, 15 minutes of racing is $27, And they also offer a 60 lap race for $42. They also have a few different price options on their website. You can also configure the track however you want. FastKart also offers food after you are done racing.

Mall Scavenger Hunt: Doing a scavenger hunt for your day date is a blast. Imagine this: you, your date, and your group running around University Mall harassing shoppers and store managers alike. The scavenger hunt can be anything, like taking a picture with specific people in the mall or doing goofy dances in a crowded food court. Scavenger hunts are fun because you can make your own rules and get to watch others do the challenges.

Honestly, it does not matter which if you choose from this list or if you do something all your own. Homecoming is a fun time with fun people, so whatever you do for your day date, just have fun and enjoy yourself!