Full of music, color, and fun Once On This Island is a must see play coming out November 15th.  The music is lively, the dancing is exciting, the storyline is captivating, and the work that’s put into it is beyond comprehension.  The Musical Theatre students put in so much of their personal time and effort to give everyone the play that will capture audiences’ attention.  Based on the beloved fairy tale, The Little Mermaid, this play is set on an island where the main character, Ti Moune, falls in love with a wealthy man. Joshua Bell, a character in this play tells more about the work that has gone into it, “A lot of time and effort has gone into this play, some days we stay at the school until 9 p.m., practicing music and running choreography.  The choreography is the largest part of the show, and the most difficult part as well.”
    Now many students out there may wonder why they should go to this play.  Bell touches on that by saying, “I feel that the message conveyed in Once On This Island can be applied to everyone at Lone Peak, and the world even.  The prominent message in this play frowns at exclusion, and hopes for a time that everyone live in peace.”
    Musical Theatre is a very underrated subject at Lone Peak and it should be acknowledged how much time they put into the plays.  Each and every student in the plays work themselves to the bone in order to entertain people of all ages.  Another person in this play, Addie Mosier, explains, “We’ve put a lot of time in class and after school hours, and we’re very excited to show everyone!”  This play has gotten high praises, one of which is the Paper Mill Playhouse, “It is impressive, for instance, how seamlessly members of the ensemble transform themselves from understanding Gods to apathetic peasants to grands hommes…”
    This is a wonderful play and is a soothing bedtime story, according to the Paper Mill Playhouse, and although some think that a lot of adults aren’t looking for that, the idea of a carefree, childlike, innocent night watching a bedtime story come to life sounds relaxing and just crazy enough to work.  
Abbie Scoville gives students to motivation to come by saying, “I think it’s a really fun show, and if you want just to have a good time and listen to a story that you haven’t heard before, or even have heard before just in a new way, than this is definitely a show you should come and see.”
    Once On This Island is a different, Caribbean retelling of The Little Mermaid and although it is a little more solemn, it is undeniably a treat for all of the senses. Full of vibrant music, colors and acting this is a show that grabs the attention of everyone and everything and will soon get raves from students and parents alike from all over.