Orchestra is a broad term for an assembly of hefty line up of strings making beautiful music. The Lone Peak Orchestra is taught by Vanese Landry. Orchestra is divided up into three groups, chamber orchestra, concert orchestra and symphonic orchestra. A chamber orchestra is usually played one person from each category, such as cello, viola, violin, bass and/or other musical instruments. A symphonic orchestra is a large orchestra composed of wind, string, and percussion instruments and organized to perform symphonic compositions. A concert orchestra is a concert orchestra is a group of musicians who play violin, viola, cello, and bass. This group also has instrumentals such as those who play flute, clarinet, oboe, and bassoon. 
I interviews Bella Marrot (cellist), and asked her what she experiences in orchestra. She stated “I love the environment that it provides. I love that you become close with everyone around you and you bond over the music and the fun times and sometimes the difficulties of playing an instrument. I just love the friendships you make in orchestra.”
    Ms. Landry is the orchestra instructure here at Lone Peak. I asked her if the orchestra travels, does competitions and what you learn from orchestra. She started “Both the auditioned groups, Symphonic and Chamber, go on an out of state tour every other year. Last year we went to Anaheim and learned first hand what it means to be in the sound recording business. All of the orchestras participate in the Region Orchestra Festival (which will actual be held at Lone Peak this year) and each of the students participate in the Solo and Ensemble Festival. Students receive ratings with Superior being the highest rating possible. Although we work really hard to do our best, there is not a winner and loser in orchestra festivals like there would be at sporting activities or even some marching band events. Coming home with a Superior is a big deal though.”
I asked Ms. Landry what her favorite part about orchestra would be, she responded “For me, the best part of orchestra is getting to play incredible music with wonderful hard working student musicians. I have a ton of fun with them as we work together to learn and polish our music. I love it when all the fates align (hem hem... aka students practice their parts at home) and we get a hair raising, even spiritual experience, with the music we are playing. I LOVE IT!  It is so exciting for me. 
We learn the fundamentals every day: good posture, good tone production, playing in tune, accurate rhythm, bow placement. And then we learn the fun stuff: spiccato, col legno, ricochet, and a bit of Italian!Ask any student. I usually do some kind of jump up and down dance because I'm so excited.” Thank you Ms. Landry for your information.
    With the year half over, the concerts have been incredible. We wish the orchestras good luck with the rest of the year.