Each year has so many unique things happen. Different students, activities, and a new student council. Each year has one theme created that is meant to help unites our school. Our amazing student council comes up with our theme of the year like Become One, This is Our Kingdom, and this year it is Together We Climb.

   When interviewing Stephen Hansen our student body president, I found out that our original theme was going to be either Together We are the Peak or Climb on. Well the creator put the two together and they created Together We Climb. “We wanted to unite the school as one, and help each other climb through high school.” Stephen stated.

   We as students here this every school day during the announcements. The teachers and other staff hanging it in their classrooms. Our school works hard on our theme each year and come up with many great saying. The theme brings the jock, cheerleader, nerds, artist, musicians and the students of Lone Peak together. We unite in our school pride and serve our fellow neighbors through the bad and the good. We as Knights fight the battle together as one. We climb the mountain of high school and life together. Knights, Together We Climb.