WitchFest is a month long celebration at Gardner Village in South Jordan. Everyone generally dresses up as witches and explores the halloween themed village. They have several things that you can do which include a witch themed 5k run, a witches night out, and breakfast with the witches.
   They decorate the village a ton with pumpkins, hay bails, and of course witches. They even have a scavenger hunt you can print out on their website and do there. While you are there you are surrounded in such an exciting atmosphere. Because everyone is dressed up it makes it fun to look around. When I say dressed up I mean head-to-toe with a wig and makeup. If you don’t have a witch costume that is okay they have several places throughout the village where you can purchase costumes and pointy hats. They have several different shops twenty two to be exact including; a candy shop, a yarn shop, clothing shop, and my personal favorite was a shop full of homemade bath bombs and soaps. 
Don’t worry about being hungry because they also have several different food options between soup bowls, navajo tacos, and tons of fall themed treats.
   I love going to Gardner Village every year for WitchFest it has become a tradition. It’s so awesome because it’s perfect for all ages and you can go for free. 
   Gardner Village has been doing WitchFest for forty five years now. People come from all over the west coast to be a part of the witchy fun. It is in a very unique location and an important part of South Jordan’s history. 
    Whether you have a girls night out, a date, or family night you should really think about going to Gardner Village. You can find the village at 1100 West 7800 South in West Jordan, Utah. it is open year round Monday through Saturday.