Fall Fashion 1.jpg

   The swirling leaves outside, the crackling fire inside, hot cocoa in hand—it almost seems like the perfect fall moment.  Fall is a wonderful time of year.  The colors, the drinks, the fashion!  The outfits during this 2017 autumn season are the definition of cozy and fashionable.  
    Everyone wants the perfect outfit to wear during that perfect fall moment.  It could be a date or a girls night out or “just sitting by the fire with your hot cocoa and a fresh cookie, and your over sized sweater that covers your hands so the cocoa cup doesn’t burn them and just sipping it while you watch the leaves fall,” says Melisa Blanco, a senior at Lone Peak High School.  Blanco continues with her favorite piece of fall clothing, “I’m not a huge fan of the seventies vibe, but just in general I’m just a fan of big sweaters...it’s just cozy and comfy.”
    Michael Judson, another senior comments with, “The most classic flannel tie around is a key item in fall fashion.”
    Fall is a time of cozy, cuddly items such as plaid and big sweaters, so don’t miss out on these ideal fall items!  2017 is full of hot trends in both the clothes and beauty.  Some major trends that have been blossoming is the no makeup-makeup look.  The fresh and flirty look is a natural way to look relaxed and comfortable without looking tired or washed out, “It’s a beautiful fresh faced look,” says a Sephora article titled, Here’s Why the ‘No-Makeup’ Makeup Is the Latest Trend. 
    Apparently this fall is all about the all natural look.  Natural looking makeup and natural looking hair are both huge trends.  It’s the lazy but also put together look that has the media raving this year.  
    Judson also mentions a very picturesque “sweater season moment.” “Going to a haunted house, dressed up in a cute little beanie hat and a sweater.”  How perfect does that sound this fall season?
    Some fashionable fall moments have even started surfacing.  This month, before it gets too cold, plan on going to a corn maze, a haunted house or even up into the colorful canyons and enjoy the fresh autumn breeze while snuggling around a campfire.  Take a date or go alone.  Dress to impress for no reason, and flaunt that fresh fall fashion.  
    As the weather gets colder plan on wearing a lot more giant sweaters and leggings.  Beanie’s are also a must have and so are some cute boots.  “Cute boots, a nice warm cardigan, and some cute jewelry is my ideal fall fashion,” exclaims Heather Stoddard.  Apparently this style is a unanimous favorite.  However, unlike Blanco, McKell McIntyre mentions, “I really like big tunic tops with a lot of embroidery on them, kind of that seventies vintage vibe.”
    This years fashions evidently have something for every person, whether you are into the cute vintage seventies style or not there is something for everybody.