The nights get colder and the days feel longer: it is now October and Halloween is on its way. The streets are lined with decorated houses, their porches adorned with jack o'lanterns.  During this time of year people search for the perfect pumpkin. Whether it's the classic jack o lantern or a cool design.This has originated in Ireland and many people still follow their tradition of jack o lanterns which are used to ward off evil spirits but others use it because everyone else is doing it. There are so many good ideas and it's cool to watch what people come up with like pumpkins throwing up, to pumpkin people, pumkins eating each other, or pumpkin families. Pumpkins have been used for a very long time during this time of year; every house you look at this Halloween will  have a pumpkin with some sort of carving. This is a time when neighbors rival for the better idea they try new things to old ideas and make their pumpkins come alive in some way. There are simple carvings and the really complicated ones. Some you can see at  Cornbelly's, they carve a bunch of pumpkins with cool designs. This is kind of like a tradition but what will they look like next year what crazy ideas will be used this halloween? The designs may get more complicated to really easy classic jacks or even new ideas on how to use the pumpkins to make something creative but we won't know until they're up.

-classic jack o lantern                     - troubled teeth

- toothy grin jack                             - pumpkin pie ( a pumpkin carving joke)

-pumpkin family                              -fright night

-throwing up jack                            

- pumpkin family                             

- creepy crawly  

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Photo By Michael Spencer

Photo By Michael Spencer