The moon rises as they gather around the fire. Their voices rise up into the night as horror stories dance in their minds. The air nips at their skin as fall has settled and halloween approaches. Feet tap as they sit in silence, waiting for someone to rise and tell the story. One brave soul steps up to the flames. Shadows dance around as they begin. “Deep in the mountains lies an old abandoned mine shaft. Where legends says that if you were to walk in and look closely in one of the cracks in the wall, you’ll see the flickering light of a candle illuminating the darkness. The candle is said to be held by a little girl sitting on a rocking chair where she mutters to herself.”  The silence is tense as girls cuddle to their boyfriends, then another stands up clearing their throat before they begin “ in a New York tarrytown known as Sleepy Hollow, known for its haunting atmosphere, and a story that everyone around the world has grown up on. The Headless Horseman. The Headless Horseman is a solider from the American Revolution who lody it and is still in search of it he rides a black stallion and carries a jack o'lantern. Back in the 1900’s a man by the name of Ichabod Crane a school teacher. Finds himself in a battle with another man for one women. His rival was a man named Abraham “ Brom Bones” Van, they brut over a woman by the name of Katrina. One night during a party, after his proposal was rejected by Katrina, he found himself face to face with the horseman and after that night he was never seen again. Many people say he ran away others say the horseman got him and hid his body. In the end  Abraham married Katrina.” As the night continues the moon lowers as the remaining people shuffle to their vehicles. They start their cars and crank the heaters up as they drive off and shadows play in their headlights. The stories remain fresh in their heads as they jump at every shadow on their way home.