Halloween is a holiday beloved by many. Some people plan their costumes with utmost care and attention to detail, months before the holiday rolls around. Others get caught up in the busy fall season and opt either to forgo dressing up or end up throwing together a sorry excuse of a costume. With only a few days to go until Halloween, you might feel as if there is no hope left for a decent costume if you haven’t started planning already. Fear not-- here are a few ideas for costumes that won’t look mediocre, they’ll be the talk of the neighborhood as you trick or treat!

  1. Beanie Baby: If you have a pair of animal themed footie pajamas, this costume is for you. Fold a piece of red craft paper in half and cut a heart shaped “tag” out of it. Decorate it with white and gold paint to look like the Ty Warner Inc. Beanie Baby tag and tie it loosely around your neck with a piece of string. Finally, throw on your P.J.’s and you are set to have a snuggly Halloween.

  2. Puns: Pun themed costumes are a moderately new trend that are guaranteed not only to make your friends laugh, but take barely any time! Try dressing up like a nerd with fake glasses, suspenders, and knee socks while you carry around a package of Famous Amos cookies. You’ll look like a Smart Cookie! Another pun themed costume is “when life gives you lemons”. Get a white t-shirt and write “LIFE” on it with a fabric marker. Then carry around lemons and a bottle of lemonade. Either one of these humorous costumes will show off how clever you are and double as a great conversation starter.  

  3. Jewel Thief: A classic standby for the last minute costume planner is a burglar, but a jewel thief is a fun new twist! All you need is a striped shirt and a pair of black jeans. Add some black shoes, black gloves, a black beanie, and a huge piece of costume jewelry, covered in fake diamonds.  To take it to the next level, carry around an empty picture frame and say “I was framed”.

  4. Scarecrow: This costume is super inexpensive and almost everyone has the pieces for it in their closet. Grab a floppy hat, a flannel button-down, and some ripped jeans from your closet and put them on with the buttons done up wrong. Then all you have to do is follow a makeup tutorial on Youtube to draw a scarecrow face on with eyeliner. This costume is totally versatile and depending on how you do your makeup, you can be cute or terrifying. Happy scarring!

  5. Evil Twin: This is by far the most easy costume to replicate. All you need is a devil horn headband. Aside from that, just wear your normal clothes. You can also try changing something subtle about yourself, like changing the side you part your hair on so that people think you really are a different person. Just don't act too evil!

No matter what you decide to dress up as, (or if you don’t dress up at all) just wear your costume confidently. Don’t get too caught up in the minor details--Halloween is all about having a good time and making memories. Just smile and make sure to have a Happy Halloween!