The world takes for granted the wonderful accents, rhythms, and complex meanings of poems. People don’t often realize how wonderful poetry really is, and thanks to our Poetry Club we have a way in our school to share this literary gift. From Edgar Allan Poe to Emily Dickinson, our world as we know it has been filled with poetry in many shapes and forms. “I really love it because it's just so different from a lot of other things.” Stated Lauren Montgomery, President of the Poetry Club, when asked why she liked poetry. “It’s just very honest and real, and they’re to make you feel things.”
     Poetry is often seen as confusing, complex, too hard to understand. But simply, those are just statements of people unwilling to give it a try. Poems aren’t meant to be something to understand right away, but to be thought over, read over a couple times. Students have trouble identifying the ‘Speaker’ of each poem, remember that is isn’t always just the author who is speaking. They create personas, a person with a different way to feel, or different opinions. What students also struggle to understand is, each poem is complex. It is what you take away from the text that matters, we are meant to feel something from its words.
    “With the poetry club, what I really want to do, is get people to be more creative and to explore new aspects of writing that maybe they hadn’t thought of before. It’s to give people an outlet for how they think and feel, and it’s a nice environment to be able to do that in.” Lauren noted during an interview. As told above, it’s a way to express yourself in words, in rhythms, scemes, all the ways you can think. Poetry isn’t just limited to its rhymes.
Why should you join the poetry club? “It’s just tons of fun! One thing that we do, is that we go to competitions - we go to poetry slams - so we can compete with our poetry. It’s just really fun to be in that environment, like when you go to a poetry slam everybody is there to support each other as well as have lots of fun; the energy is just insane and it’s a blast.” Lauren has explained it perfectly. It’s a place to support others, to help others, to express your literary talents in poems.
    “I love hearing everyone's unique opinions and perspectives put in such a beautiful way that poetry allows.” - Lauren Montgomery.
Interested in checking the club out? They meet every Tuesday during lunch, room 611. Hope to see you there!