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    A girls choice dance called Preference is taking place on Saturday, January 27.  It is Lone Peak’s version of a Winter Formal. It is one of the very few girl choice dances and having a great date is very important to a lot of girls. Asking a boy to a dance is huge. It can be scary for a lot of people. Girls who know who they want to take to preference like to ask the boy they want to be their date early, but when is it too early? 
    Girls are crazy. That is it. Girls are crazy when asking to Preference, girls started asking to this dance in the beginning of November. That is two months in advance! There was even a boy who got asked before homecoming… homecoming was in October. It is understandable to want the perfect boy to make preference the perfect night but is that really necessary? People call Prom the most magical night of high school and boys don’t ask two months in advance. Is asking early a girl thing or is it just for preference?
    Is this acceptable? Is asking two months in advance okay? Some girls say yes some girls say no. Girls want to get the “good guys” so that’s said to be why they ask so early. Other girls who want to wait say that it sucks when girls ask too soon because then the girls who haven’t asked yet are in a sticky situation of not knowing what to do. To ask early or to wait and risk not getting the “good guy”. 
    All in all girls will ask when they know who they want to take. So once you know who you want to go with don’t waste anytime before you get to asking. Make plans in advance and always have a second choice for a date just in case that stellar boy you want to go with has already been asked. For all of those who haven’t asked yet… well good luck to you!