President Donald Trump paid a visit to Utah on December 4th of this year. He came to Salt Lake City to sign documents to adjust the amount of land in Bear Ears National Monument and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. Bear Ears’ land will decrease around 80% and Grand Staircase's land will decrease around 50%. With those amounts it will make this action the largest decrease of protected land in American history. When Trump arrived to the capitol building he was greeted by many angry protesters. Police officers in full gear with shields stood guard in front of the protesters. There were signs that read “We stand on Stolen Land” that was trying to protect the Native American Land that Trump was taking away. The protesters were able to stop traffic on State Street, a busy road in Utah. 
    Patagonia is a super popular outdoor clothing company for Utah residents and wants to do something about President Trump taking the land. If you happen to had looked at Patagonia’s website on Monday it said “The President Stole Your Land” in big white letters. Though those words are gone now, on their website now there are videos thanking President Obama for protecting our land. When Obama was in office he protected the precious land of Bear Ears and Trump ad lifted that protection and has now eliminated that land. 
    No matter your thoughts on whether Trump taking the land was good or bad for Utah it happen and will have an effect Southern Utah.