Public Displays of Kindness

By Emily Charles -  Staff Writer

What is P.D.K? 
Throughout the years here at Lone Peak there has been a common theme of treating others kindly and helping others through service. One of the many ways that we can serve someone is by simply being kind to them. P.D.K is an acronym for Public Displays of Kindness. This can mean many things from helping a neighbor mow their lawn to simply saying something nice to someone that could change their day. After interviewing multiple students, here are some experiences that they have had with P.D.K.

Jensen Smith
“ I was working the window at the snowcone shack one night and a family came and ordered snowcones for their whole family, when they were finished ordering the father of the family gave me a twenty dollar bill and said he would pay for the next person in line because of how long his order took. The next customers came and ordered their food and to their surprise their meal had been paid for. These first two customers started a chain reaction of kindness, This inspired me and gave me faith in humanity. It showed me how easily I can contribute to society and to remember not to be selfish and that the simplest thing can make another person’s day.”

Grace Mortenson
“A few weeks ago i was having a really rough day, i was missing my brother who had just left on his mission. One of my friends brought me a bag of my favorite treats. It was such a good reminder that others do care about you. This experience was an example to me, it made me wants to be a more selfless person and to serve other people. I think that a way I can show P.D.K at Lone Peak is by making new friends, like if i see someone sitting alone at lunch I can go and talk to them and try and make their day better.”

I believe that it’s important to display kindness in your everyday life no matter if it is seen by others or not. It is especially important to show kindness at Lone Peak because it sets an example for other students. When we serve others we become one as a student body.