Random Student Opinions

By Emily Leavitt

The best things to read are random thoughts from students. I wanted to know so I went and asked.  

Concerning each person I spoke  to, I would ask the following question: “What do you have a strong opinion on?” Each answer was better than the last. Asking on this following  topic  there would be a huge sigh, and then be followed by a small rant- the election. Last but not least, it would be thoughts on PDA.


nathan 003.JPG

Spencer King - “Everybody has a story, you have to read Mistborn, eat Chick-Fil-A. Never do it, it’s not okay.”  


Helen MacFarlane - “I have a strong opinion for religion, specifically Mormon. PDA is disgusting, I mean holding hands is okay. If it’s quick, small, and unseen: it’s alright. Elections: LOTS of opinions about these presidential candidates . Really unfortunate that there isn't a better representative for the Republican Party. Trump is a narcissistic pig…  All of it is very interesting.”



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Steven Ashworth, a player for the Lone Peak basketball team, had this to say on the topic of  PDA -  “It’s weird and unnecessary.” When asked about his hobbies and passions, he had this to say, “I have a strong opinion about Basketball it’s the best sport. LeBron or Steph? Lebron is a better player, but I like Steph [more].”


Hannah Baker: “I think people should get less offended over things.” When asked about PDA, she no shortage of opinion.? “It really depends on the people and the relationship. Holding hands is okay, but keep it on the DL. If they keep it to  themselves and do not show it off, it’s totally their motive.”

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Ivana Escalona: “Be nice to others. PDA is ‘blech’, it’s disgusting, don’t do that in public, it’s confusing.” When asked about the upcoming election, Ivana had a lot to say. “When voting you should all not vote for Trump. I might be voting for the Utah representative, Evan McMullen.

Aaron Adams: “Every single person has a right to their own opinions. Don’t tell other people that their opinions are wrong, no harping on others. All it does is destroy relationships. It shows maturity to respect opinions. It’s okay to be happy with your opinion. It’s okay to believe other things. Diversity is good, it makes us individual. Our center: it’s who we are. If we can’t express our own opinions, it’s no longer fair. Be respectful and tolerant, it’s a good way to live. So be more  respecting and have a kindness for opinions. It will mend our lives. We don’t have to hate, just love it all.” After expressing that, Aaron was not hesitant to share his own opinion on a touching High School subject,“PDA is absolutely disgusting, it’s a sign of immaturity and insecurity. If they have to be touching in public it proves to me that they need something to hold onto and tell others ‘see I have something.’ They are insecure, not to be demeaning on anyone. It’s all a lack of immaturity. It’s all in how they express it, too much physical touch is very different, I want to see if couples don’t touch each other for one whole week and really see if they feel the same about each other. It's a craving that we don’t need.”

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