There are many different kinds of high school students all around Utah county. Ranging from hicks from Westlake, to traitors at skyridge.  We are going to cover them all.

  1. Traitors-There was once a time when all of the schools were in peace with each other and Lone Peak would take state in almost every sport known to man.  Then Skyridge came along. They stripped us of our students and football pride. They didn’t just take Lone Peak students though. They took students from all over the place, Lehi got it the worst, Skyridge stole about half of Lehi’s students. It was beyond tragic for many schools around utah county.

  2. Senior citizens- American Fork High is over 100 years old, literally, AF High was established in 1902.  Teachers have been there for ages! AF saw World War I and II, the Great Depression, the Vietnam war, the Korean War, the Triangle Shirt factory fire, the Civil Rights movement, and the KKK march in Washington, and much more. They have seen everything.

  3. Rich kids- Lone Peak boundaries are around many different cities, including Alpine, Highland, and Cedar Hills.  You can go in almost any neighborhood in these cities and find at least one mansion with Lamborghinis, Mustangs, and BMWs.  In Alpine, all you need to do is go to mountain side and there are whole neighborhoods that are just mansions and half of them are owned by some billionaire, who owns some nationwide business, like domo, vivint solar, the creator of Fortnite, and many other large business owners.  The Lone Peak parking lot just consists of, a lot of nice jeeps and other expensive cars.

  4. Hicks- Westlake High is full of farm hicks and even when you go near Westlake you immediately think you are either in farm country or in the middle of nowhere.  Westlake’s boundaries just consist of hills, mountains and like a few neighborhoods. The Lone Peak mountain biking team can’t lie about their amazing mountain biking trails in the hills.  The mountain biking team goes to eagle mountain for races a lot. It is not always as fun as other places because it is probably one of the most driest places in Utah. Westlake boundaries are also home to much wildlife and nature itself.

5. Big boys- PG is full of wrestlers and they aren’t that bad at it either.  Just because they know all of the moves in wrestling doesn’t make them as good as they are.  It’s their size that puts people on the ground. These kids are made of sheer muscle and work out everyday for at least two hours.  These kids are just big, tall, beasts.

6. Actual Pioneers- Lehi pioneers were actually pioneers.  Lehi was made on 1912, AF was still new by then. They are both over 100 years of age. Lehi has also gone through a lot, counting getting destroyed constantly by Lone Peak in every sport and getting most of their students stolen by Skyridge.