1. Go on a rad campout with your friends. Take a tent or sleep under the stars, just get out and have fun in nature while surrounded by friends. You could turn your campout into a mini road trip and venture into Southern Utah or just go up AF canyon and find a campsite to set up your temporary “home.”
2. Jump in a lake, and pull someone in with you. The lake behind Lone Peak is ideal for a quick swim. Take a running leap off the dock and dive head-first into a fun memory.  Get your friends to join in or just pull them in with you—just make sure their phone isn’t in their pocket before you make them go for an unplanned swim.
3. Go scouching. If you don’t know what scouching is, you have to try it! Think of it as sledding for big kids. Go to D.I. or any other thrift store and find an inexpensive couch and a pair of skis, you can usually get all the supplies for under $35.00. Use a drill and some screws to attach the skis to the legs of the couch and take it down a sledding hill. For an added bit of fun try and fit as many people on the couch as you can without tipping it over while careening down the slopes.
4. Have a glow in the dark sports night. This one is perfect for any late night when seemingly every place to hang out in Utah County is closed. Run to the grocery store and buy a few packs of glow sticks. Crack them open and pour them over a soccer ball, baseball, golf ball, tennis ball or kickball. Invite some friends to join you and have a friendly competition to see who is the best all-around “glow-in-the-dark-athlete.”
5. Sing karaoke at Callie’s Cafe in Orem.  If you’ve never been a fan of public speaking or performing in front of large crowds, singing karaoke is a great way to face your fears.  Even if you aren’t a great singer just get on stage and strut your stuff.  Your performance is sure to wow the crowd, and bring a smile to your own face.
6. Go on a road trip with just friends.  This is a great way to spend time together and have a little fun without having parents around.  Road trips are a great place to create memories, inside jokes, and sing your heart out with people you know and love.  You don’t even need a destination!  Just go for a long drive and enjoy the simplicities of life and each other’s company.  Sometimes these create the most memorable moments and can live on in your hearts for years to come.  
7. Hike to the Y in Provo and watch the sunrise.  This is a beautiful way to appreciate life and just spend time with friends or family.  Hiking through the night is quiet, peaceful and there is hardly anyone on the trail.  Watching the sunrise gives you an appreciation for the beauty of life.  After the sun has risen, you can either hike back or fall asleep under the beautiful sky for a quick power nap.  Hiking through the night is amazing but also very exhausting so make sure to rest and drink plenty of water or this could be extremely hard on you.
8. Do the watermelon challenge with rubber bands.  This is a simple activity that you would most definitely need to do outside.  Although this is a quick and easy way to have an explosion of fun but this can also make quite a mess.  All you need is watermelon and plenty of rubber bands.  Standing the watermelon on its side, you wrap rubber bands around the middle of the balloon, creating enough pressure to make it pop like a water balloon.  It’s a messy way to create some sweet memories for all ages.  And who doesn’t love watermelons?
9. Learn to cook.  This is cheesy and cliche but it is so helpful!  Remember, seniors, that you will soon be on your own and learning to cook is a key way to save money and eat healthier.  Not only that but also you can wow your roommates and friends with your tasty treats and delectable delicacies.  It’s time to learn how to be more independent and cooking and an easy and quick way to do that.  Good luck in the real world seniors!
10. Say “Yes” to anything for a day.  Even though this sounds hard, it is a perfect way to be more positive and have an optimistic outlook on life.  Saying yes to anything and everything can even give you great serving opportunities and may uplift someone and inspire them to follow in your footsteps.  This is quick, painless and a very sweet way to get your senior started on a positive note.