Sense of Scents

By Carrie Prusse

Nothing is better than the aromatic scent that comes wafting out of Bath and Body Works. The entrance beckons, the displays shine, and finally, you surrender to the irresistible urge to walk in. Once inside, there it is: shining as brightly as the sun are the big signs that advertise all the new scents.

With all the options lining the walls and filling the displays, it can be difficult to discover the perfect scent. To keep people from wasting their time and wearing out their noses, here’s the scoop on Bath and Body Works newest scents.

Although fall is still here, winter is approaching fast and Bath and Body Works has introduced the Winter Preview to keep up with the changing seasons. With the smell of vanilla and cashmere combining with the sweet scent of frosted clementine, Snowflakes and Cashmere is made for a warmer winter that hints at the prospect of the coming spring. It isn’t as sweet of a smell as some of the other scents, but it does have a blended balance of flavors. Full of the flowery scent of snow jasmine, gardenia petals, and a smell that Bath and Body Works describes as “crisp air,” Fresh Snow Blossom is a very sweet fragrance and brings a more summer-like scent to winter. Another scent is Winterberry Wonder which smells faintly of apple and mixes well with the scent of sparkling cranberry. Not only does it have a berry smell, but it also had a flowery scent that gives an added bonus to the fragrance. The winner from the Winter Preview is Fresh Sparkling Snow. With scent of iced pear and frozen melon, Fresh Sparkling Snow is sweet and fruity. The pear and the melon combine beautifully with the smell of frosted musk to create a fragrance that’s not as strong or as sweet as some of the other scents in the Winter Preview. It’s an easy scent to wear all day and makes the day that much better. It has a cooler, livelier scent and is the perfect aroma for a perfect winter.  Fresh Sparkling Snow not only incorporates the best parts of winter, but also alludes to warmer weather.