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Seussical - Don't Even Think About Missing This One

By Hayden Hall - Copy Editor

Lone Peak High School’s new fall musical, Seussical, ensures a clean, hilarious, and heartwarming story centered around imagination, faith, and powerful friendship.

Seussical, originally performed by Lone Peak in 2005, is returning as captivating and eccentric as ever. Seussical tells an inspiring story using all of Dr. Seuss’s classic characters and tales. The play follows Horton the Elephant, played by senior Jeff Sundwall, as he tries to save a small world inhabited by Whos. “I portray this elephant the way my grandfather did, he [performed] as Horton, so this role is very special to me,” Jeff said. “The whole musical holds a special place in my heart.” The musical is personal to many members of the cast, who guarantee it will find a home in audience’s hearts as well. “You’re bound to feel something when you watch and experience this musical. I know I do,” said Olivia Keating, playing one of three Bird Girls with fellow cast members, Cassie Hyatt and Hailey Bennett.  

Annika Mikkelson, a member of the musical’s ensemble, said this about the upcoming production: “It’s colorful, it’s vivid, it’s a cute story that everyone can take something away from.” With colorfully abstract themes, and wildly upbeat songs to tell a classic story, Annika ensures a musical that will “live up to everyone’s expectations.” 


The score of Seussical is lively and engaging, with a perfect balance between emotional and jubilant songs. The music looks to captivate the audience in the story and connect with each and every unique, Seuss-inspired character. 
“My favorite song is Anything is Possible,” said Sam Murdock, playing JoJo, a kid who is inspired by the world of Seuss and thrown into the story, “It’s all about imagination and JoJo’s realization into the power of ‘Thinks’.” 
Thinks, a central part of the story of Seussical, represents imagination, the power of each mind to create a world of their own. Sam, on the topic of Thinks, said, “If you ‘Think’ up a world, it means nothing unless you take something from it. That’s what I get from my character, he takes a little piece of each ‘Think’.” 

Friendship plays another central theme of this musical. “Anything is possible. I can live my dreams, and with the help of friends I can overcome anything,” Oakley said about the play when asked about what Seussical teaches about the importance of friendship. The cast, connecting and growing through the musical, have “made friendships to last a lifetime,” Annika said. Their love for one another will find its way into the musical, and into the feelings of the audience members. 

Not only does Seussical possess a well-balanced story and score, but an excellent cast too. Regarding his fellow cast members, senior Oakley Thacker, playing The Cat in the Hat, said, “They’re my family, I mean, we’ve become best friends in just a few weeks. I wouldn’t want to do this musical with anybody else but them.” “They’re superstars,” said Abi Scoville, playing Sour Kangaroo. The cast, having bonded over the musical, are all excited to share their hard work with the entire school.
No matter what musical is performed, a director is going to need to make sure that the cast is able to dance and perform like professionals-- Seussical is no exception. The choreography is wonderfully erratic, exciting, and “will be a joy to the audience,” said Joanna Lowry, who will be playing Gertrude McFuzz, “It will make the audience want to be up there, on that stage, with us.” The choreography combines simple styles of dance with exhilarating and lively styles, in a grand showcase. Cassie Hyatt, playing another of the Bird Girls, sums it up perfectly: “The choreography is perfectly Seuss.”

The musical focuses on a lot of childhood themes and ideals, and is sure to be an instant hit with families. However, that does not mean it won’t appeal to High School students. Even High School students can find entertainment in the quirky songs and rhymes, characters, and lively costumes. “Anyone can come out and see the musical,” exclaimed Olivia Keating, “It has something for everyone.” It goes without saying, Seussical will delight anyone who comes and experiences the quirky and wonderfully Seuss-filled world. 

Seussical is unique, fun, and loving. With Thinks, Whos, Elephants, and Birds that are stunning. The cast, the songs, the costumes and more; Seussical is something to stand up and cheer for. Green Eggs and Ham, Lorax, even the Sour Kangaroo: crazy and wonderful things are bound to ensue. A wonderful cast, tickets soon to be selling in sheets. Sam Murdock said, “Do not blink, or you’ll miss this fantastic piece, that will surely teach you about all The Thinks You Can Think.”