Another month, another student business that has surfaced here at Lone Peak. Senior Daisy May Schellenberg is the creator of the company ‘Spunky Scrunchies’ where she sells her handmade trendy hair accessories on Etsy. Once again, I was fascinated by the enthusiasm to build a business from scratch, so I interviewed Daisy to understand her experience.

J: So Daisy, what made you want to start this business?

D: Well, my cousin was telling me about her story; She sells handmade baby bows on Etsy and has made over $1,000 in her ‘mini business’. So being inspired by this, I didn’t want to copy her style, but I wanted to do the next best thing for hair accessories. I choose to do scrunchies for the people, it’s a super fun, trendy hair accessory that I think more people should have in their lives! My business is still very experimental, but I thought why not try it now. So I started mid-September, and I’ve tried to grow since then.

J: Talk me through the handmade process…?

D: Well first off, I’m called ‘Spunky Scrunchies’ because all the material is unique, its either a velvet or a shimmer, just something that brings out character. Not one scrunchie is the same as another. So I get my little piece of fabric, and a measure it and sew it proportionally. Then you thread an elastic through and hand-sew the seams together. Easy! And it’s definitely a fun hobby of mine.

J: How do you advertise yourself?

D: I have an Instagram page- @spunkyscrunchys where I have some photos and link to my Etsy page. I also have some people who I call ambassadors. They wear my scrunchies and tell people by word-of-mouth about the company. Right now, it isn't anything big, but hopefully, people will start getting to know me and my scrunchies.

J: What has been the hardest challenge so far in setting up this business?

D: I think for all businesses, it's always a challenge just starting off. Getting started and knowing if it going to be successful or not. Selling is hard, the first sale was scary. It impacts your self-confidence a little, but it can only go upwards from here.