You settle into the corner of your couch, tucking a blanket around your figure as you cozy up to enjoy an evening of binge watching Netflix. You scroll the through the lists of genres, movies and shows, yet pause as your TV stops on the show titled- ‘Stranger Things.’
    This show has been catching attention across the globe, giving a new light to all Horror, Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Drama TV shows. With the world’s vastly changing audience, this show has seemed to reel in attention with it’s 80’s setting, as well as a new way of expressing all scientific realm knowledge.
    Like the sound of that? Let’s continue on! Summing up the story would be- A quiet town has suddenly been lit alive with a new dramatic emergency, a young boy named Will Byers has gone missing! The local chief, family, and friends must work together to help uncover the true reason this young boy has gone missing; running into supernatural issues and powers along the way. The show has gotten an 8.5 out of 10 stars, loudly pronouncing it a hit!
    The world has also taken a liking to its comical and expressive actors and actresses, bringing in Winona Ryder as Joyce Byers, David Harbour as Chief Hopper and many more.
The cast of Stranger Things has been featured around on Late Night Shows recently which attracts more attention to its booming popularity. Not to mention that Season two was published this October, adding on to the story of Season one. It’s fans have been waiting a full year for their continued show.
    My own opinion on the show ranges from a stressful love to a bittersweet hate. Its plot is something I haven’t seen before, very original with the concept idea of ‘The Upside Down.’ I enjoyed the story running with four little boys; Lucas, Will, Dustin and Mike. It was interesting to see their point of views as well as the adults, Chief Hopper and Joyce Byers. This story doesn’t run along the idea of having one main character, choosing to switch view to different characters in different circumstances in each episode.
    It was a rather stressful show for me, having plenty of twists and unexpected turns. If you are looking for a show that makes you think- choose this one. My friend and I spent hours on trying to organize our thoughts on the show, especially our theories and ideas of what is happening. It’s also a blast to see references to Star Wars, E.T.,and all those popular movies in the show.
One dislike to the movie though, the rather repetitive danger in each episode. Or perhaps the unrealistic circumstance with children being able to get away with quite over the top rule breaking.
    My rating on the show? 8/10.  
    Hurry and click on this one hit wonder in Netflix, you won’t be disappointed!