Student Musicians

photo courtesy of becca hawkes

photo courtesy of becca hawkes


Becca Hawkes, Staff Writer

    Not many people know of the rising musical talent within our school. Although they may not be quite as famous as Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran, or Beyonce, their music has just as much potential.

    A junior whose stage name is “koby” creates alternative music. When you think of koby, you think of his pocket watch, high tops, Camaro, and most of all his uke. What makes him different than other artists is that he can write FAST. Give him five minutes and he’d have a whole song written with a catchy chorus that would be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Some of his favorite lines are “receipts of your penmanship”, “my eyes have gone rose”, and “don’t put on that diamond necklace, the curse is too bad”. 21 Pilots, Nothing but Thieves, and Rivalists are some of his inspiration. Some advice he has for musicians is “NEVER PROCRASTINATE. You’ll be able to accomplish more if you're just doing stuff. Just go for it, life is short.” Find him on Instagram at @kobys.uke and Youtube at Kobys Uke.

     Another junior, Matthew Caldwell, is a baroque/art-pop artist. He keeps every song on its own and doesn’t like to use the same methods on every song Matthew has a rustic/modern granola vibe to him,  from his self made jewelry and man bun to his ideas being based on elements. He has sung on America’s Got Talent and in the White House, as well as in France and Japan. He’s currently taking a songwriting course. For young male singers, he wants them to know this: “I started singing at age 10 and had worked on so much technique. And then I woke up at 14 and it was all gone. Once you get back into your groove, IT WILL GET BETTER. Just push through it and you’ll sound even better after.” His Instagram is @matthewedwardc, his Snapchat is matthewcald333, and you can find him on Youtube and Spotify as Matthew Caldwell.

     Another singer/songwriter is Maddy Hall. She’s known for her freckles and down to earth personality. She doesn’t like to generalize her genre because she likes to experiment and keep her options open. If she had to choose, she has more of an indie or electric rock sound. To better her music, she says she listens to different artists and genres. “The more variety you hear, the more you will have variety while writing,” she says. Something cool that she does for songwriting is using video and audio samples in her music, such as just her friends talking. Music is art for her and creating it works the same way: there's no formula. Maddy is in a band, as well as an EP (an extended play record, which contains more than one song but isn’t an album) she helped a friend with, and she’s currently working on an EP herself. Her Instagram is @_madelynnnnnn.

   Audrey Pocock, another junior at Lone Peak, is known for her self-deprecating humor, hoop earrings, and chokers. She has been starting out with a singer/songwriter style that suits piano ballads. She is currently working with someone to produce her music to have a lo-fi hip hop or soulful genre and have a Billie Eilish feel with lots of bass. Some of her favorite lines are, “You are the one thing I wish I had just forgot, this is the kind of hurt I never needed to be taught.” and “You aren’t mine and you never were, but feelings set in and boundaries begin to blur.” One of her techniques in songwriting is learning piano covers that she likes so that she can combine her own chords and put them on youtube. She’s on Instagram at @audreypocock.

    Although you may not have heard of these talented Lone Peak students, and maybe their musical style doesn’t seem quite your thing, consider checking out their music. After all, listening to music that originated here at Lone Peak is a great way to show school spirit. Also, it’s always good to try new things, whether that’s a new food, a different brand of clothing, or a unique music style. Perhaps you’ll find you enjoy their style more than you thought!