Have you ever struggled to prepare for a test at the last minute? Do you ever study your hardest and still find it difficult to get an acceptable score? Testing can be hard, which is why I came up with this list of practical tips to help you get an A on your next test.

1. Notes

     Effective studying starts before the actual studying. It’s important to take notes during class so that you’ll have the sources you need to study. Research has shown that when you write things down, it is more likely that you will remember them. Taking notes during class forces you to pay attention because as you write everything down. At the same time, it’s also important to remember to not write everything down; You wouldn’t want to miss anything because you are too busy taking notes. By hearing the material and then writing it down, you are studying the information.

2. Stay awake!

    Most students come home and start doing their homework on their bed, and that’s fine until you start to get sleepy. After a long day at school, it’s easy to get tired, Which is why homework should be done at a desk or table of sorts. When you do homework laying down on a couch or bed it’s almost inevitable; You are going to fall asleep! Often, students will fall asleep when they study on their bed. Unless you’ve mastered the art of not falling asleep during a study session, you should stay away from your bed until all of your homework is finished.

3. Study Party!

    Homework can be incredibly dull, which usually leads to procrastination. Procrastination is a huge factor that plays into bad grades. When you procrastinate doing your homework you turn it in late, and when you turn it in late you get more homework, and then you put off that homework to finish the homework you never did, and then you end up procrastinating doing your other homework. It’s a vicious cycle. One thing that can keep you from procrastinating is making a party out of your homework. Invite some friends over, grab some snacks, and do your homework. Studying with friends makes it so much more fun, and then you end up getting stuff done.

4. Highlight

When studying, it’s crucial for you to remember relevant facts, statements, or ideas. Highlighting things can help you remember everything you need to get an A. While reading through the material, highlight/underline things you think might be important or that you might need later on. Highlighting can help you narrow your studies down to a few key points, and that makes the entire process easier.

I hope that these may help you when you study. If you’ve tried any of these tips, come to tell me how it went! Remember, next time you do your homework don’t forget to take notes in class, stay awake, somehow make it fun, and highlight things you think are essential.