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    Sushi:(noun) a Japanese dish consisting of small balls or rolls of vinegar-flavored cold cooked rice served with a garnish of raw fish, vegetables, or egg. Sushi can come in many different varieties of sweet and spicy flavors. 
    I went to the restaurant  called Red 8 Asian Bistro & Sushi Bar on 4 November 2017 and got the California Sushi Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, and the Salmon Avocado Roll. The California Roll was $4.95, the Spicy Tuna was $6.50, and the Salmon Avocado was $6.50.
    When I walked in, and was seated immediately. The waiter was really nice and took my order, then left. When the sushi rolls came, they were accompanied by slices of ginger and a small amount of wasabi. 
    The California Roll has a nice fresh taste. It had the least amount of spice out of the three rolls. The Spicy Tuna Roll had an interesting spicy flavor and a mildly hot aftertaste. It was the second zestiest out of the three rolls. With the Salmon Avocado Roll, I couldn’t taste anything besides avocado and the peppery aftertaste, which was stronger than the Spicy Tuna. I could tell that the Salmon Avocado was the strongest out of the three. I don’t think I’ll get it again, because I don’t like very lively foods.  I finished the Spicy Tuna first, then the Salmon Avocado, and finally the California Roll.   
    The ginger was there to clear the palate, so you’d eat it in between different sushi rolls. It has a crisp flavor, and has a spicy after flavor. At the beginning, I forgot what Wasabi looked like, so I thought that the Wasabi was Avocado. I dipped my finger in the wasabi to taste it and check if it was avocado. Immediately, all I tasted was hot and colorful, and it was really spicy, stronger than the Salmon Avocado. I drank a huge gulp of the sprite that I ordered and completely avoided the wasabi after that.  
    The only thing that bugged me was how pricey the restaurant is. Appetizers range from $2.95-$7.95, Soups are $2.50-$10.95. Rice/Noodle Dishes are $8.95-$10.95. Dinner Entrees are $11.95-$13.95. Donburi is $11.95-$13.95. Asian Dishes are $9.95-$12.95. Thai Curry Dishes are $11.95+. Dessert is $3.95-$7.95. Drinks are $2.50, which makes them the cheapest on the menu. Sushi Nigiri is $4.95-$5.95, Traditional Sushi Rolls are $4.50-$7.95, and House Special Sushi Rolls are $9.95-$12.95. Sashimi is $7.25-$35.95. $35.95 for one dish of Sashimi (which is five pieces of cooked fish)! That’s not even counting a drink or anything else! Overall, Red 8 Asian Bistro & Sushi Bar is an amazing restaurant. It has a cosy and quiet atmosphere, nice staff, and a great taste in music.