Swimming Spots

By Michael Spencer

For various people, swimming is essential for surviving summer. So whether you would like to swim in a lake or a pool, here is a list of places that could cool you, and maybe a couple friends off on a hot day.

Seven Peaks: Seven peaks water park is a 26 acres, located in Provo. There are huge water slides that take you out of your comfort zone, and encourage you to challenge yourself with a thrill off huge heights. There is a wave pool that can sweep you off your feet, literally, and a lazy river for when you get tired and want to just float around on a tube. It has a great lifeguard staff, and great food vendors, so grab a pass and head over for an incredible time!

Lagoon A Beach: Lagoon has a water park that blows all the others out of the water. Its beach themed and has several slides to choose from, it's also located right in Lagoon, so next time you go to lagoon, bring a swimsuit, and when you are finished riding insane roller coasters, and you're getting a bit hot, you can head over to the water for a couple slides.

Tibble Fork Reservoir: Once construction is done, and the reservoir is opened, there is a great place for swimming up the canyon, if you're down for adventure. You can go fishing and paddleboarding, there's a rope swim and plenty of trees for hammocking. Bring some lunch for an all day adventure, it might be a bit crowded on the weekends, so plan accordingly, but make sure to bring sunscreen!

Silver Lake: Silver Lake is also in American Fork Canyon, right up the road from Tibble Fork Reservoir, it is a dirt road, so be prepared for that, but the scenery is beautiful! So for everyone with a car that can take a dirt road, head up there for a day with some friends and take a couple paddle boards and towels and have a blast! It is outside, so make sure to bring plenty of sunscreen.

A backyard pool would be awesome for a great summer break. Wake up after a late night, and take a swim with some friends or family, and enjoy the heat and sun while you're in the water! Throwing a pool party could be a good plan, for no reason other than just to be in the water.