The holidays approach  you wait for thanksgiving and try to pass time. Have you ever wondered how people around the world celebrate their Thanksgiving or if they celebrate it at all? In Germany it is called Erntedank or Erntedankfest. It takes place on the first sunday of October, and Instead of a turkey they use a goose. During the event They Have a harvest crown where they choose a queen, church services, a parade, and music.  They also do a lantern and torch parade and even do fireworks. Their Thanksgiving is not for the family to gather but to give unused food to the people who need it. In Japan Thanksgiving is called Kinrokanshi. This holiday use to be a festival but is now a day for Japanese workers. They don't celebrate it as largely as us; it's smaller and they have no turkey.  The Nihon Shoki mention a harvest ritual taken place during the reign of the legendary Emperor Jimmu ( 660-585 BC) as well as more formalized harvest celebration during the reign of emperor Seinei ( 480-484 AD). Modern  scholars can date the basic form of Niiname-sai to the time of emperor Tenmu ( 667-686 AD). Traditionally, it celebrate the years of hard work: during the Niiname-sai ceremony, the emperor would dedicate the years of harvest to Kami (spirits), and taste the rice for the the first time. In Brazil they’re the same as us except they celebrate less. It's also a day for thanks. In Vietnam lots of people are poor so they gather scraps and eat together trying to be thankful but it's hard when they are trying to survive the harsh year. The rich will eat roasted duck even though they don't have a lot; they savor it the best they can since the state has little food. In Korea, their Thanksgiving is called Chuseake. It’s 3 days of celebration. The people will return to their ancestors hometowns to celebrate with relatives. This causes one of the biggest traffic jams of the year.  This day is also known as Hangawi, which means the 15th day of August where a full harvest moon appears. They only eat special food that they are not allowed to eat any other time of the year. Some of the food is songpyeon they also eat a lot of rice cakes. Many people believe Thanksgiving is the same everywhere but it's not each country celebrates it differently during different times of years. Their are some countries that don't even celebrate it at all.