You hear gasps from all sides of the dinner table. You’re receiving frowns and angry looks. You’re mother scolds you. All of this because of one sentence. 

    It’s Thanksgiving day and you’re family has gathered, whether you like it or not, to spend time together and celebrate the holiday of good food. As everyone is walking in, your grandpa makes a comment about how you need a haircut. You brush it off and continue on with your day. As everyone begins to sit down at the table, your cousin mentions that you spend way too much time on social media. You laugh it off. Everyone begins eating and about halfway through dinner, your Aunt bring up the fact that you’re still single, and have always been. This is it. That was the final straw. You blurt out something about how your Aunt is on her fourth husband. While it might have been funny to you, it probably was not the right thing to say in that moment.

    Thanksgiving clapbacks have been really popular on social media in past years. What a Thanksgiving clapback entails is a family member making a snarky comment to or about you in the middle of the conversation over dinner, so you “clap back” with another insulting comment towards them. Often times, these comments are extremely true and harsh. The reason these have been so popular is because most teenagers can relate to the feeling they get when a family member brings up a touchy subject in a casual way. They want to retaliate and say something back to make them feel how they felt, but they can never actually say it out of respect. So the idea that some people might actually say what they’re thinking out loud is very humorous.


    Every teenager knows how frustrating it can be to be treated like they need pity. Just like every teenager has so many lost comebacks that could’ve been so effective, but never got the chance to be used.

 Here are a few examples:

-Aunt: Why does your hair look like that?
 Me: Why does your potato salad look like that?
-Grandma: What happened to your girlfriend?
 Me: What happened to your teeth?
-Aunt: I heard you’re failing math.
 Me: Well I heard you never graduated.
-Uncle: I heard your grades are struggling.
 Me: Just like that hairline.
-Aunt: Why do you have so much makeup on?
 Me: Why is nobody eating your pie?
-Dad: How’s your GPA looking?
 Me: How’s your bank account looking?
-Mom: I’m tired of your attitude.
 Me: I’m tired of eating your casserole.

    This Thanksgiving, if you do decide to make use of a clapback, beware of the consequences. Make sure that the rewarding feeling of getting revenge is worth it enough to deal with the punishments provided from your parents. Make sure to think before you speak… sometimes.