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    Lone Peak isn’t just a world class high school, but it’s also a world class daycare!  Deep in the heart of Lone Peak there is a small classroom containing some of the happiest, cutest kids in  the world!  Students interested in this class have been given the opportunity to not only join the class but be part of the staff on the Lone Peak daycare.  As O. Fred Donaldson once said, “Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn.”  The preschool gives children an opportunity to learn, grow and thrive in their environments while students help them to understand and blossom in this environment away from home.  Shania Mummert, a Lone Peak high school said that her favorite part of being part of the preschool experience was, “Watching the children have fun, smile, and laugh.”  The children’s faces evidently seem to enjoy themselves immensely, and so do the high school students!  Mummert definitely encourages other students to join this class.  “It’s so much fun!” she exclaims.  
    Another student, Avery Feuerborn, echoes Mummert’s opinions, “My favorite part is working one on one with the kids, and getting to know them and their personalities.”  The preschool is a wonderful place to be if someone is interested in working with little kids and watching them grow and develop.  This class is definitely a class that is perfect for those with these interests.  So sign up!  Every student that either works in the preschool encourages one and all to come and sign up for this class. Feuerborn continues, “If you don’t want to join just for that [the kids], it’s great stress relief being able to come and play with them.”
    The Camelot Kids preschool is a very fun, and rewarding setting for kids of all ages from a few weeks to a senior in high school.  They all have the opportunity to go on incredible field trips.  This past month they had the opportunity to go to Cornbelly’s and according to many of the students they all had so much fun.   As Feuerborn mentioned it is a very stress free environment and students who have far too many hard classes this year, then this class is definitely a must have on anyone’s schedule.  Juniors and sophomores still have an opportunity to join this class so make sure to add it!  Mckenna Eisinger said, “I love the babies! They’re so cute! The little kids are adorable too but the babies are the best.”
    “You watch all of the kids, and make sure that they are being taken care of.” continues Eisinger, explaining what goes on in the preschool, “You take them on walks, and play with them outside, and you help out because their parents are all teaching.” But also parents outside of the school can take their kids there!  It isn’t just for teachers who have kids.   
    Brynn Bailey also gives her opinion on the class, “I like this class so much because you get to just go back to the basics.  You get to play with toys and play outside, and you get to just be a kid again!”
    Now if that isn’t a selling point, than what is?  A stress free, childlike atmosphere is exactly what high school students need.  Teenagers forget that it’s okay to be like a carefree child and having a class specifically for that feeling sounds perfect.  So if it hasn’t been added to a schedule this year then definitely put it in there for a loving and innocent class.