The Earth Without Art Is Just "Eh"

By Carrie Prusse - Staff Writer

Lone Peak High School is home to four art teachers who collectively teach a variety of different courses such as ceramics, drawing and painting. Though their art is displayed all over the school, not much much is known about the artists sitting behind the desks.
Josh Corry (Ceramics, Motion Picture) has been interested in art his whole life.

“I’ve been doing art forever—ever since I was in a high chair,” Corry said. 

The other art teachers: Travis Braun (Painting, Drawing), Mark Omer (AP Studio Art, Art Honors, Drawing, Painting), and Tyler Pack (Drawing 1, 2, 2D, 3D, AP Drawing) state similar experiences and a love of art.

Though the teachers have all been pursuing art for years, each has a different style. Travis Braun prefers a combination of painting and digital media, but also uses ink. Braun first got involved in painting while he was in college. Braun said his style is something that could be considered “Contemporary Surrealist music posters.” For inspiration, Braun pours over all the albums a band has released, reading every song, every lyric, and picking out his favorite words to include in his painting, cumulating in hours of research before even picking up a brush. According to his website,, “His work is rich with symbolism and hidden meaning.  Typically, the more you know about the history of the band and their music, the more you will appreciate the subtle nuances in his work.”

Picture By: Travis Braun

Josh Corry’s favorite media outlets are painting, drawing, and sculpting. He said he loves every medium and can’t pick one preferred method. 

 “One of my favorite things to do is express my emotions through art; that’s a really powerful thing.”
Corry said he especially loves painting people who mean a lot to him, like family and friends. The colors Corry picks depend on what he’s feeling: bright colors for when he’s happy, or a darker pallet of greens, blues, and purples when he’s sad. Specific artists that inspire Corry are Claude Monet, and Dale Chihuly’s glass art. 
Mark Omer described his style of art as Representational. Omer likes to draw people’s environment, such as something he is viewing, what people are doing, where they are, what they build, and other human interests. Omer likes to use compressed charcoal on museum board, a type of paperboard that is white and acid free.
“I like to suggest detail, but [drawing] with fresh line and stroke. When you look at it, [the drawing] doesn’t look very detailed, but when you take a step back...” 
One of Omer’s favorite famous artists that inspires him is John Singer Sargent, specifically Sargent’s portrait and landscape paintings from the early 1900s.

Picture By: Tyler Pack

Tyler Pack gets his inspiration from the human figure.  The thing that intrigues him about it are the lights and darks, “the natural shadows”. According to Pack, one of the best things about drawing the human figure is “bringing something to life on a 2D format”. Pack’s favorite medium to use is oil and he likes paintings with high contrast and depth. He appreciates art from the Renaissance and Baroque eras, especially by artists that are academically trained. Some of the artists that have influenced Pack from a young age are Chris Van Allsburg, the illustrator of The Polar Express and Jumanji, and Norman Rockwell, an American painter and illustrator best known for his work Rosie the Riveter. As Pack got older he was inspired by different artists including Michelangelo and Caravaggio: a famous painter of the Baroque period. Pack is continually learning to draw. He believes in working hard to get better at what he’s passionate about