The Holy War

By Jordan Stowe - Staff Writer

    The Holy War has been a part of the U of U and BYU fans routine since the first game on April 6, 1896. Every year since 2010 the Utah Utes have been undefeated against the BYU cougars. The Holy War is such an intense rivalry that the two schools can't even agree on how many games they have officially played. Utah claims a 58-34-4 series lead over BYU. The Cougars, on the other hand, claim the Utes lead it 55-31-4 because they don't recognize six games played against Utah. While it seems that most of the hatred between the two schools would be between the actual football players, most of the hatred lies in the fans.  
               In previous years, family, friends, and neighbors have been playing pranks on each other. Doodling and flags are common to the rivalries between families. While the families and neighbors did the harmless things, the students of these two schools got a little too rough, some people would say. The students decided to go paintball and spray paint the meaningful statues on both campuses. 
One of the legendary pranks was in the business of Lendio. Brock Blake, a big BYU fan had a surprise waiting for him. Utes cheerleaders came into his office with the swoop their mascot. As these three entered the building shouting the Ute cheers Brock came out holding has BYU flag up when suddenly swoop grabbed it and through it to the ground while stomping on it. After swoop got his paintball gun and short it at the Cosmo Cougar painted on his window. After After they hugged and told each other going down, which unfortunately was true for the byu fans in the building.
After this year’s win for the Utes, as the referees walked out of the stadium BYU fans decided to throw trash at the refs for their “bad calls.” They blamed the loss on the referees; some said that if it weren’t for the refs BYU would have won the game. On the other hand, the Utah Utes were jumping for joy and getting ready for the big celebration. The one question people are asking is what will 2017 game turn out to be. Will BYU come back from their dog days, or will Utes take their seventh title as champions?