The Not So New Act Of Hammocking

By Emily Leavitt - Copy Editor

You can do almost anything in a hammock. Buzz is spreading about the Hammocking craze, despite the fact that hammocks are nothing new. Hammocking and hammocks have been around for a while but now more and more people are going up the canyon for a cool afternoon roasting hot dogs & s’mores around the fire while  swinging in a hammock. Hammocking is such a fun thing, on the plus side it’s so comfortable! You can share with friends or you can do it alone. In my opinion alone is so much more relaxing, but when you share a hammock it can be relaxing with the right people but mostly it can be such a blast, talking, laughing and doing whatever you do best. Hammocks are good for naps, sleeping, reading, and eating all to your little hearts desire. 
While  at Girls Camp this summer we set up four different hammocks in a  bundle of trees. The hammocks were so close together that each person in every hammock held onto the straps of the other hammocks and we all swung in unison while singing our favorite songs in acapella. All of the girls had their specific and favorite hammock with their “bundle buddies”. We took turns and stole every chance we got to relax in them. A few of the girls actually slept in them through the night, saying that they slept better than the might have at home. The hammocks were good for  morning scripture study, and lazy  afternoon naps. 
  What made it so great was that it was a relaxing break from reality. While up in the canyon with friends you wouldn’t want to be on your phone, there isn’t any reception anyways. Your main focus would be to relax and to even fall asleep. It’s wonderful because the sensation of sitting or even laying down in a hammock can feel as if you’re floating on a cloud. There is no other feeling so wonderful than laying in a hammock.
Although I have only  been hammocking once, I endeavor to go as often as possible. The contentment that comes inherently when lying on a hammock gives me the relaxing break I need to make it though my week. The joy and happiness that comes with hammocking, a relaxing break is what we all need.
Watching the leaves change color and fall to the ground, listening to the water flow in the river, feeling the cool breeze rush across your face,  and to smell the roasty smoke of the fire. I think that people should go do this all the time, I know I would if I had hammock. I suggest that everyone get a hammock, it’s not just for the rugged outdoors- it can hold up under a few trees in your backyard.
Hammocking is not just relaxing but you can take beautiful and creative pictures while in the canyon. Stacked up high in the trees with leaves all around you and fire lighting up your faces, the smell of smoke, while with all your friends. Hammocking is perfect for taking pictures and posting them on Instagram. 
Hammocks aren’t tents; the person is exposed to the elements if hung outside. However, a hammock (and its user) but they aren’t cabins either. There is no plumbing and no air conditioning, all the animals and bugs can still get to you. I’m not saying that hammocking is a bad thing, what I am saying is that it is hard-core camping. You are out in the elements,so be prepared bring supplies and be ready for anything. 
When I went hammocking, I had a lot of fun with my friends. Having fun while doing something new is really something. I can definitely recommend this to anyone and I would for sure tag along myself.  I am an expert on having fun.