The wage gap is simply a figment of our imagination, no more real than Santa Claus or a leprechaun. The claim is women make 20 cents less on average a year when working the same job as men counterparts. This is simply not true. Women work less hours, take time for maternity leave and choose less risky jobs. Statistically, men prefer more jobs centered around risk while women choose jobs more structured around security. In fact, the well known Time magazine reported in 2010, in 147 of 150 of the largest cities in the U.S. that the median full-time salaries of young women were 8% higher of the guys in their peer group. Women try to play the victim game in America but they do not realize that men are forced to draft, men make up 94% of workplace deaths, and this is simply because men are stronger as well as more suited towards dangerous jobs. The wage gap does NOT take into account hours worked, degrees earned, and how women take off to spend time with their children. As you can see, women do not make less than men and, in some cases, make more. If women actually got paid less for the same job then they would be hired a lot more. Don’t buy the feminist lie and go vegan.