Things to do in AF Canyon

By Michael Spencer

With summer coming, American Fork Canyon is coming alive and warming up. The construction at Tibble Fork reservoir is starting to wind down. The Alpine loop is expected to open on may 1st, along with other roads leading to other scenic destinations. Since spring fever is common, the canyon will be a popular weekend destination. Located at Tibble Fork Reservoir there is a rope swing that hangs over the lake for a quick cool off on a hot day.. There are lots of trees to perch a hammock on, for an afternoon of chatting with friends or relaxing with a book.

“Eating in the canyon, I feel more holy when I eat in the canyon. I also really enjoy how close it is, it's easy to access.“ -Jordan Stowe

Provo Canyon and American Fork Canyon Link up, So simply taking a drive up the canyon and through the scenery is great to calm you down after finishing off the school year. The drive goes through the canyon and over hills into Provo canyon. A walk through Cascade Springs is also a great way to unwind and be in nature. 

Camping with friends would be an amazing way to spend a weekend. Hanging out in nature, out of cell coverage, with just friends to focus on, could be more fun than it sounds. Just be smart and be prepared.

Go in a hike! There are several places in American Fork Canyon to hike to. Timpanogos cave is an easy hike, and the forest service provides tours of the cave. Stewart falls is in the canyon, which makes for a little bit of a longer hike, but not too hard, and a great place to cool off afterwards. The waterfall is beautiful.