With the holiday season among us, everyone’s spirits are up. It’s time to be happy and celebrate with family and friends. But it’s also time to keep the windows shut and keep the fireplace ablaze as much as possible because the cold weather is here. Yes, most people are excited for the cold weather because here in Utah, it means ski season. But if you’re like me, and you’re not cut out for skiing or snowboarding, then here are a few things you can do to enjoy the cold months.

    If it’s one of those nights where you really would just prefer to stay in, play a board game. While of course we don’t live in the 1800’s, board games can actually be quite fun. So pick your favorite game, get comfortable, and get playing. It is recommended that you do this with more than just yourself, but hey, if you’re really in the mood to just sit down and play a board game by yourself, go for it. This option also works with card games. Or you know, ping pong and pool.

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    If you’re down to get frostbite, wait for a day it snows in your neighborhood, and go sledding. While it’s not as exciting as skiing or snowboarding, I’m sure your inner four year-old self will be thrilled. The amount of sunlight per day is getting very slim, so enjoy it while it lasts. Just make sure to dress extremely warm, layers people. Sledding is the number one cause of children’s tears because they’re cold. I’m not trying to put you in danger or anything, just be careful.

    If it’s another night in type of day, gather up your closest friends, or a significant other, make some hot chocolate, and cuddle up to a movie. For the hot chocolate, don’t go cheap, spend the good bucks to get the good stuff. Swiss Miss and Nestle will not do, it must be Godiva. As for the movie, you could be festive and watch a holiday movie. If you’re with your better half, you could watch a horror movie to stock up on the cuddles. Or you could go emotional and watch a movie about summer as you dream of better days. Make it a cozy night in.

    If you want to be really hipster and cool, read a book. Pick out a book you’ve always wanted to read but never did, or find a new one that looks good to you. Wrap up in a blanket and sit in a windowsill while it’s snowing outside. You don’t have to be in this specific setting, but that’s how they do it in movies so it must be relaxing. Also, if you’re really digging the cinematic vibe, maybe light a candle or something.

    If you’re in a spendy kind of mood, there’s always ice skating. Go to the closest, or farthest if you don’t want to see people you know, rink from you and just have fun. Don’t hurt yourself, but if you do fall, laugh it off. I promise other people will laugh as well. Use that laughter as fuel to become the best ice-skater in town. Practice at least five hours a day and you’ll get there in no time. If spending the dough isn’t something that’s on your to-do list, fill up one of those inflatable pools with water and leave it out for a few days to freeze. Once frozen, you’ve got your own personal ice-skating rink. It just might be a little smaller than most.

    Anyways, if all else fails, you could check social media and watch countless amounts of videos of different people doing cool snowboarding tricks. You know, doing what you wish you could. On the real though, have a great winter and stay cool.