To Build Or Not To Build

By Brooke Taggart - Staff Writer

Lambert Park is nestled in the north east corner of Alpine.  At 255 acres, it is home to some of the most popular mountain biking trails around Utah County, fields of poppies during the spring season, and popular camping grounds.  Alpine City Council held a town meeting regarding the building of a road through the middle of Lambert Park for easy access to the neighborhoods in the surrounding area. 

During the meeting, the door swung open and in marched over a dozen high school bikers dressed in Lone Peak maroon and black colored spandex uniforms who, single-file,     marched up to the empty row in front and made themselves comfortable, sweat dripping from their brows after an afternoon of hitting the trails hard.  Their bikes were left at the front of the building, piled into one giant heap, unintentionally creating a large statement of defiance and unity.

A road through a park doesn’t seem like a big deal at first, but since this park is full of trails, it will affect the team because they will need to be aware of the cars now going through it. The road will also cut trails and make them shorter. Not only will it affect mountain bikers, but also campers and hikers. 

Bailey Nielson, a junior at The Peak, and team member says “It was important for our team to [attend the meeting] so we could show Alpine City how much Lambert really means to the kids, teenagers, and adults that live in this area.”  

The bikers wanted their voices to be heard and for the council to consider the other options surrounding the topic. “The team holds at least one of three practices here a week and we always want to be safe when we are there. The road makes it less safe.” Bailey said. 

The city’s argument is they want to build the road for easy access to neighborhoods, while the team’s against building the road, because it will affect the trails and the overall safety of riding in Lambert Park. 

This isn't the first time the Alpine Council has debated putting a road through the park. It has been discussed several times in their meetings in years past.  As more homes are being built by Lambert Park, the council has taken the issue more seriously. This year it was finally brought to attention to the public by holding this city meeting. The meeting didn't just bring the mountain bike team to it, but also other citizens in the community who care deeply for the park. 

During the meeting, the biking team’s coaches read statements about why Alpine City shouldn’t build the road while everyone on the team was there giving support.  The room was filled wall to wall with people sitting on the floor and standing against all four walls. 

Sam Kocsis, a senior and mountain biking team member said “The team felt more united after we all had come together to fight for something we care about.”

As far as the general public is aware of, no final decision has been made regarding the issue. However, if the decision is made to put the road in, the mountain bike team will continue their weekly practices there as usual, only having to modify their rides to fit around the construction, and later, street. 


More information pertaining to the issue can be learned by talking to the members of the Lone Peak Mountain Bike Team.