To Shave, or Not to Shave? - That is the Question.  Answers to the questions you're "itching" to know about No-Shave November

By McKell McIntyre - Social Media Editor

No-Shave November ‘grows’ in popularity with each year. Hidden under all the bushy beards and frizzy facial hair though, the purpose behind this carefree lack of grooming isn’t as well known. No-Shave November actually began as a creative way to raise awareness for cancer. Participants forgo shaving for one month (or longer) and then donate the money they would typically spend on razors and other grooming supplies to aid patients in their battle against cancer. With a quick visit to the official No-Shave November website ( it’s easy to see the campaign’s success. Already this year the program boasts an impressive number of participants (just under 4,000) and has raised nearly $90,000. Participants and supporters can also buy limited-edition t-shirts and wristbands from the same website, the proceeds of which also benefit the cause.

Even with a heart-warming cause though, No-Shave November is still a controversial subject. Some people find facial hair disgusting and think that instead of growing it out, participants should just donate to the fund. I took to the halls of Lone Peak to find out exactly how the students view the issue. While the students I interviewed all overwhelmingly supported the idea behind it, the act of not shaving for a whole month was received with mixed emotions. Sophomore Kennedy Madsen said, “I think [not shaving] is stupid... Most people can’t pull off a beard or moustache-- it’s gross!” Yet others strongly support the idea like junior Paige Hunt who said, “Do it! All day, everyday. The bushier the better!” Other students stand somewhere in the middle. Sophomore Maria Bailey said, “It’s up to the person, I guess. You do you.”

To really test the limits and see if gender plays a role in acceptance, students were also asked to share their opinion on whether or not women should participate in No-Shave November. Most openly accepted the idea with chimes of “you do you” and “why not.” Senior Jeff Sundwall said, “I’m not about the outside, I’m about the inside.” While most of the girls stated that they wouldn’t be participating, it appears that is socially acceptable for women to grow out their hair. As cheesy as it seems, the most sound advice for both men and women really is to just do whatever you feel comfortable with.

With that being said, if participating in No-Shave November interests you, it can be difficult to find a style of moustache or beard that suits your personality. Here are a few options for some well-groomed and stylish facial hair that may even be enough to convert non-believers.


The Handlebar Moustache:

A good option for the most dedicated or experienced facial hair enthusiast, the handlebar moustache is typically quite well-groomed and long. Sported by J.P. Morgan, President William Howard Taft, and Buffalo Bill, this ‘stache is both classic and contemporary due to its recent resurgence among hipsters. Although some patience and moustache wax is required, the handlebar moustache is definitely noteworthy.


The Chevron Moustache:

Though the chevron may be easier to achieve, it does not lack style or class. This sharp, wide, angled ‘stache looks great on virtually anyone. The chevron moustache can be found, perched atop the lip of characters like Ron Swanson and Doctor John Watson. Overall this moustache is a great option.


The English Moustache:

While the English might be a hard style to pull off, it’s definitely one of the most memorable. With the hair parted in the middle, right above the lip, and the ends long and winged out from the face, it is a surefire way to turn heads. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Walt Disney, and Vincent Price are just a few of many who have rocked the English look.


The Horseshoe Moustache:

The most informal and arguably the toughest looking of the four is the Horseshoe moustache which is also called the Biker moustache. Worn by men like Hulk Hogan, Luis Titan, and Ben Stiller in Dodgeball, the horseshoe is often considered the most masculine. Finish off the look with a pair of aviator sunglasses for an added bit of a ‘bad cop’ vibe.