Lone Peak traffic is terrible. Everyone wants to get out of school as soon as the bell rings and sometimes this can lead to crashes. Many students drive aggressively, with the mindset that people will stop for them, but when two of these drivers play a game of dangerous driving, no one wins. In a study conducted in 2008-2009 at Lone Peak, there were 25 accidents recorded. That’s almost one crash per week. In the majority of accidents, only cars were damaged, but there were a few where a person got either injured or hospitalized. A lot of these accidents are caused by students following other drivers too close. Andrea Price said about an accident she experienced, “The second time I was driving home and stopped quickly, the car behind me stopped, but the one further back hit it. Then another two cars hit us and drove away. It was a five-car crash and two cars were really banged up." Pedestrians getting injured is also a common type of accident. One student said that when crossing the crosswalk, he often gets flipped off or yelled at by drivers. Another problem is that high school drivers are too distracted either by talking to passengers or on the phone. A quick glance at a phone could make you hit the car in front. The parking lots here are just as dangerous as the street. Students will try to back out in hopes that people would stop or that others will wait for them, but with such a small space and many cars, you are bound to have cars scratched or dented. This can cause a range of damage from just a scratch to even a bumper falling off. There are many ways to navigate, but the key point is patience. It's understandable that getting home fast is the main priority these days, but slowing down can change the dangerous environment to a much safer one.