Twitch TV

Photo courtesy of creative commons

Photo courtesy of creative commons


Vincent Staich, Staff Writer is an application which you can get on a lot of smart TVs and on consoles like Xbox and PlayStation. It’s an app that people can live stream on. Live streaming shows what is happening as it happens. Twitch is mainly used by gamers, and fellow gamers watch the streams. What people do is they get software to capture footage and they stream. Usually, they have a facecam to capture their face, so you can see how they react when something funny happens. The most popular streamers average around 40 thousand viewers. Big streamers usually have 10 thousand watching. Some of the biggest games on Twitch are League of legends, Fortnite, and Overwatch. The best two streamers, in my opinion, are Sirsharkvin and Issammune. Streaming is becoming the next big thing, so hop on the ride and go follow; he is my favorite. Streaming is fairly new and it's blowing up; currently, are 44 billion minutes of streams have been watched. 44 billion minutes is equivalent to over 80 thousand years! That’s a lot of watching.

     There are tons of streamers all streaming at the same time all streaming different games. Sometimes the games and Twitch get together with the streamers and do a tournament with all the popular streamers. They are currently doing this right now with League of Legends. It’s called Twitch Rivals. They have around 20 teams, I believe, and it’s very entertaining. It’s a very competitive game and is so much fun to watch. So it’s even more fun to watch my favorite streamers play the best they can. Oh yeah, did I mention the winning team gets $70,000? That’s a lot of money and, considering streamers make so much already, it’s a huge bonus if they win. Even if they don’t, they get introduced to so many new streamers, meaning they will get more viewers, followers, subscribers, and potential donations.

     How making money on Twitch works is you get the base money from subscribers + donations + sponsors + ads. When you first open a stream, you get an ad. This ad gives a little bit of money to the streamer. It’s not a bad amount either. They also have a button the streamer can press to play an ad. When they play this ad, they get a little bit of money for each person watching the stream. They can press this as many times as they want, but the more they press it, the more viewers they will most likely lose, since no one wants to see an ad. A streamer that gets around 5-10 thousand viewers who never presses the ad button makes around 4000 dollars a month. Subscriptions (subs) are where the money starts ramping up. A subscription is where you pay $5 a month to a streamer in exchange for a special badge in their chat and exclusive emotes from that streamer specifically. However, the streamer doesn’t receive all the money.They generally get 50%, so around $2.50.

    Also, Twitch partnered with Amazon. If you own Amazon Prime, then you can get Twitch Prime, which gives you exclusive content in certain games and a free subscription to any streamer you want. When you link them together, you can subscribe to someone for free. A streamer with over 10k average viewers gets 75% of the money from subs. So the streamer with more subs also gets more money per sub. Ninja, the most subscribed-to streamer, has 121,000 subscribers and, if you do the quick math, he makes $423,500 a month off subs ALONE. That’s a ton of money, even not factoring in his views, donations, or sponsorships like his one with Redbull. Donations are a big factor too. A top tier streamer (a streamer that averages 10k viewers), gets around $2,500 a month! Adding all of this together is a LOT OF MONEY. And what are they doing? Playing video games!