By Jacob Hamblin - Staff Writer

As new schools grow around Utah, as do new opportunities and programs. One program that has been expanding around the state, and here at Lone Peak, is the film department. UKNIGHTED is Lone Peak’s news broadcasting program, which airs every Friday, showcasing the school in Academics, Fine Arts, Athletics, Student life, and much more of what makes Lone Peak great. This being its second year in production, people are wondering how UKNIGHTED is compared to the other film programs around the state? What makes us so different compared to the others?

Many people don’t know and appreciate just how many school news programs are around us. UKNIGHTED is well aware of them and calls them their competitors. Programs that exist near us are as follows:

American Fork’s “Kave TV”

Lehi’s “Legacy Live”

Westlake’s “Thunder Vision”

Skyridge’s “The Ridge”

As some of these new schools and new shows begin to grow for example, The Ridge, Legacy Live, and even UKNIGHTED so do the older ones. Yet many students already see us as the powerhouse even though this is only our second year. Seth Webb a member of UKNIGHTED said “We are number one and a powerhouse in film” But how are we number one so early in the game when other programs like Kave TV have been going since 1995?

    Knightline News was Lone Peak’s first news show and was the stepping stone to what UKNIGHTED is today. 2015 was the last year of the show along with Gary Dunn the former film teacher who retired at the end of the year. As the new school year started so did a new and totally different film program. Dustin Topham; a film teacher at Lehi and pioneer of Pride TV, (Lehi’s last news show) came to Lone Peak to build a new era and legacy of film. It has already begun. Mr. Topham wants to build and create relationships like what he had at Lehi so that he can improve the program even more. Dustin Topham believes in his program and his students. He has a vision of what he wants his program to become and believes the students can accomplish his vision.

“I believe strongly that the Lone Peak students have the talent, desire, and the means to possibly be considered one of the best programs in the state of Utah”   

However, should UKNIGHTED be worried about any other competing schools? Tyler Ellsworth said that our biggest competitor is “Kave TV, probably, because American Fork has always been our rival in everything and their program is really professional.”                                                                                                                

Dustin Topham said “The biggest competition is the students themselves here at Lone Peak.”

With all these different programs, Lone Peak is learning that all of the schools have their own strengths and weaknesses.  UKNIGHTED is giving students chances to showcase their talents, try, and want to get better.

So what makes UKNIGHTED different than all of the other film programs?

“We’re not actually that different.” How? “Well a lot of programs have been emulating what we’re emulating and what we’re emulating is a professional fun lively news.” Dustin Topham

UKNIGHTED has been showing and doing what all the other schools are doing, which is creating a fun and creative school news for everyone to enjoy. We are producing and showing our school’s life and enthusiasm. And because of that, they give the school something to always look forward to while showing the students talent in film and in the things they are interested in. If you’re interested in finding out more about UKNIGHTED or watching some of their videos go visit their website at www.weareuknighted.com. You can also follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.