Feeling like a Scrooge? One of the best ways to get into the holiday spirit is to plan an activity to see the Christmas lights.  Utah has some impressive light displays and many are within a 40-minute drive from Lone Peak.

Everyone knows about Temple Square. There are over one million lights throughout the 35-acre property. If you haven’t gone, it is definitely a bucket list item. The whole scene is awe-inspiring. There are often activities going on, so make sure you check the website before you go. It’s always nice to get out of the cold and listen to Christmas music at one of the musical performances. There is also a nativity program to check out, which is a great place to bring a date or spend time with your family and friends.

The Draper City light display is worth the drive over the mountain to Draper Park (1300 East 12500 South).  The star of the show is the Tree of Life, a huge beautiful tree covered in white lights. This operation takes four men about three and a half days to put up 65,000 lights and costs around $12,000, all to bring people together and to enjoy the Christmas spirit.

Christmas Street is a small street, but it’s big on charm. It is located at 1500 East 1735 South in Salt Lake City. The whole street goes all out with quaint decorations and thousands of lights. After  looking at Christmas Street, drive 2 blocks west to see lighted signs that residents have put up that recount the Nativity from the Bible.The story starts on the corner of Blaine Avenue and curves around to Wilson Avenue.  This is great place to visit if you want to stay warm in the car, and it’s especially magical when it snows. Make sure to turn your lights off as you see the sights.

Zoo Lights is a unique activity that combines the fun of going to the zoo with a festive holiday feel. If you haven’t been it’s definitely worth checking out, as it  features more than 200 lighted displays and runs through December 31st. Tickets range from $6 for children to $8 for adults and it runs through December 31. Check it out at 2600 Sunnyside Avenue, Salt Lake City.

Getting out to see holiday lights is a great way to make new memories and enjoy the season so bundle up, and get out there.