Views on Lone Peak

By Lily Mueller - Staff Writer

Lone Peak is a well know high school in Utah, gaining its fame from outstanding sports teams and performing artists as well as their academic stars. Harboring students from the Alpine, Highland, Draper and Cedar Hills area, Lone Peak is ranked number five in overall education.

Being one of the nine high schools in Alpine School District, Lone Peak has created some sports rivalries due to high rankings in sports. Ranking number two in football, number one in boy’s basketball, number three in baseball, number one in boy’s soccer, and number four in girl’s soccer rivalries have formed with other schools such as Lehi High School, Westlake High School, and one of Lone Peak’s longest rivals, American Fork High School. From football to basketball and every high school sport in between, the Lone Peak Knights have been butting heads against the American Fork Cavemen for quite awhile now. Though sports are not the only thing that fuels the rivalry between LP and AF.

Due to Lone Peak’s boundaries, the school’s student body is made up of teens from Alpine, Highland, Cedar Hills, and a bit of Draper, earning them the title of “Rich Alpine Kids” and “Alpine Snobs”. Doing exceptionally well in sports and academics, strong opinions towards the school have developed in other Alpine School District students, including AF High School, about Lone Peak’s student body and the school’s reputation.

“My opinion on LP students is about their ego. I have many friends from Lone Peak that I love but there’s always been something that’s different about them and the whole Alpine thing. Not just because they’re good at sports, but their attitudes are often. . . .  very entitled, like they deserve better. If you’ve ever walked the halls of Lone Peak and American Fork they are complete opposites. Something about Alpine or Lone Peak makes everyone feel like they’re better than everyone else. I know maybe 2 people from Lone Peak who seem normal and genuine.” said Reagan, an American Fork High School student.

“. . .I come from Highland so I have friends who go to both schools. I have a great deal and amount of respect for Lone Peak and what they are able to accomplish, with basketball and last year’s loss at state (but they still made it to state so I respect that). I feel both schools are very prideful. We take pride in who we are and [it’s] one or the other. You can't support both. Our schools take part in the social and economic class differences. Coming from a family where we are "well off" I get told because of the car I drive to go to Lone Peak because I drive a "really nice" car. It's told that if you are rich you go to Lone Peak and if you are poor you go to AF. I don't know if Lone Peak tells it like that the other way. I feel Lone Peak is a really nice school and is kinda like that. Where a good majority of kids whose parents have a little extra cash for whatever reason go to school (not a bad thing). We are rival schools so we naturally hate each other. I am currently the school athletics DJ and my goal is to make AF's sporting events better than any other school. Our whole goal is to out due your school in the end though. We are rival schools and if some mass catastrophe were to happen to either school we would be there for each other.” explained Tyler, an American Fork High School student.

Though Lone Peak faces many critical views, the school and it’s students don’t let it keep them down. Striving to always the best they can, Lone Peak students work hard to achieve their goals.