Many people don't believe in spirits or ghost but I have had many experiences that will prove different. Ever since I remember I would look at the end of my hall downstairs and see a black spirit.  It always made me feel scared and the more I grew up I realized how much worse it's gotten. I've had so many different things happen since then I've had spirits in front of me I've blacked out because of it and I've even had things touch me and my friends. A distinct woman's hand.  Long nails, hand, and everything. I would turn around and there would be no one there and no one at home. Too many odd experiences. And the more it gets to Halloween the worse it gets. I've seen them more and more. Had even odder experiences since then. About a month ago for a week straight I  had woke up the 3 am (the witching hour) exactly on the dot. It wasn't 2:59 It wasn't 3:01 exactly 3 on the dot. During that week I had seen more spirits than I ever had seen in my home. I've had feelings of being watched or not safe to the point where I have broken down crying and I've had all of my friends there to help me out when that happens.  Since Halloween is coming closer I thought I would share one of my scarier experiences. It was during that week that I kept waking up at the witching hour. I had woken up at 3 am. And I decided to go get some food because I was hungry. I had turned my light on in my room and opened the door. When I went out of my room to go upstairs I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. It was a spirit the moment  I saw it my body froze and I couldn't move at all. It felt like an eternity and all I remember was fear. A lot of fear. When it ended I fell down and the spirit out of my eye had disappeared. I decided to go back to my room and not to get food because I was scared. I have later learned to not fear them because they feed off it. The more I fear the worse everything gets. So recently I've tried to just ignore them and it’s been working pretty well. I do notice them a lot more however now. But they don't scare me and I believe that I can beat them. I have later found out that I have a Demonic attachment. I  plan to get rid of this soon. I've had my house blessed and It didn't help a thing. I have talked to religious leaders about it and I help soon. I just hope that it will fix it because this has caused so many problems. I've had even worse experiences but I used to not like talking about them because it makes me have that fear again. But the more I do the better I feel about it. So if you ever want some spooky stories just hit me up and I will give you some spooks. I have many stories to tell and look forward to telling them and also I'm curious to see what happens on Halloween night and to see If I will wake up at 3 am again or not. I  hope by then it's not a problem but at the same time I’m a little curious. More or less excited I love this stuff and sometimes I like it, to be honest. It gives me something to think about.