What To Do If (And When) You’re Single On Valentines Day


Kira Castle, Photo Editor

    So. February 14th has rolled around once again. And on this year’s Valentine’s Day you’ve found yourself single. Don’t worry about it. You’re not alone! Many people find themselves single around this time. The important thing here is to have a plan. So never fear! Here’s a little guide to surviving one of the most over-hyped holidays of the year.

Step 1. Don’t Overthink It

Don’t freak out. The reason single people dread Valentine’s day is that they overthink it. It’s just one day and usually it’s not even that bad. There’s definitely an awful social stigma about being alone on Valentine’s Day that just isn’t true. Just as being in a relationship on V day isn’t magical, being single isn’t horrible either.

Step 2. Cheer Yourself Up!

Your attitude towards Valentine’s Day starts with YOU! Don’t make yourself feel bad by hanging around all your couple friends, reading hopeless romances and chick flicks. Hang out with your fellow singles! Remind yourself that it can be a blast to be tú mismo.

Step 3. Treat Yo Self

The only person you need in your life is you anyway, so why not pamper yourself a little? Get some food, do your favorite hobby, watch your favorite movie, whatever you want to do! This is your me time, and you deserve it.

Step 4. Planning

Mostly, people feel sad and lonely because they don’t have others to hang out with. It doesn’t have to be anything special, just meet up with some friends and have a good time! Let all those super-cool single friends from earlier know in advance to do something fun! It’s a great distraction from all that mushy sad Valentine’s business.

Step 5. Execution

So the day has come. Don’t worry! You’ve either planned something with friends or set aside some time to relax. Try to ignore those dreaded Valentine’s Instagram posts, make yourself some good food, and enjoy yourself. Forget your worries and just have a good time.

Step 6. The Terror Has Passed

You survived! And hopefully, you’ll be excited to plan something for next year’s festivities. Hopefully this was a good lesson on how to let go of your stress and worry less, and learn to have more fun! Take charge of your life! By now you’ve realized that it’s really not that bad and this is high school. It’s not a big deal y’all. And hey, if you end up in a relationship next year, we wish you the best.