Getting a job is a main part of high school life. Many students need to pay for their own gas, cars, daily Walmart trips, college savings and so on. In order to sustain this money-consuming lifestyle, many turn to getting an after-school job. But when is the right time to get a job? 15? 16? 17? Never? There aren’t many places that hire at the young age of 15, but for a young sophomore hoping to earn a few bucks, it definitely is plausible. Most jobs start hiring at 16 for small jobs, such as being a clerk at your local grocery store or gas station. 16 is an exciting age where many get their licenses and cars. With this freedom, lots of students want to get their first job that they can either walk to or drive to. Many sophomores and juniors rely on these jobs to pay for their expenditures. Statistically, the best time for hiring is in January and February, because many decision-makers are in the office more because of the New Year. Why not start the new year with a new job, lifestyle, and the opportunity to make your own money? Start saving up for college! It’s not that far away for us high-schoolers and having a little bit of financial security out of high school is a plus for every college student. In conclusion, get your first job when you feel it is right for you, it fits into your schedule, and when you want to make a little bit of money for yourself.