Finally, with the temperature dropping and Halloween coming to an end, it’s time to answer the age-old debate. When should you start listening to Christmas music? Some say as soon as physically possible, and some would rather put it off until the week of. Some people start listening to Christmas music before Halloween! So is there a right time? We are here to give you some news:

So what is the mysterious magic that surrounds Christmas music? Whether it fills you with nostalgic feelings of childhood joy or deep un-jolly dread, it’s a staple of the season.

Personally, my mom decides that the second it’s not Halloween, it’s time to blast ‘Grandma Got Runover By A Reindeer’. Her reasoning is that Christmas music is holiday music, and Thanksgiving and Christmas just kind of blend together in that respect. It’s the ‘holiday’ season, so Christmas music is permitted, whether it is technically the yule-tide or not.

“You should be able to listen to Christmas music any time of the year,” Says Kennedy Parry, a Crusader Staff member. Which many agree with, thinking that listening to ‘A Holly Jolly Christmas’ in September is a good idea.  

But everyone has their own opinion.

“Christmas music does not slap,” says Jonny Kolb, Crusader social media editor. (Urban Dictionary Definition: Slaps- music that is desirable.)  And as many know, Jonny is the hippest of the Crusaders team, so he has a strong argument. “When you think about it, the general rhythm and beat of Christmas music is too joyful and happy.” And as you know, nobody likes to listen to happy music.

With all jokes aside, some people simply just do not like Christmas music, and I think those people are very sad.

Moving on, whether you agree with these statements or not, every year, Christmas gets more and more chaotic and with all the present buying and rushing around, I think many forget to enjoy the season for what makes it special. Giving to others, the excitement, the general atmosphere of joy and love in the air is what’s really important.

So if listening to Christmas music gives you that kind of feeling, no matter what time of year you listen to it, then you should be able to do that. I shouldn’t have to tell you when or how or where to listen to it. Nobody should.  If you decide that you want to jam to Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’  in July, I’m not here to stop you. (But I can say you’re wrong because the only time you should listen to Christmas music is in December where it belongs.)

I suppose what I’m trying to tell you here is that the debate of when to start listening will never stop. In our modern society of clashing worlds and opinions, when you want to start listening should ultimately be your opinion. Not your family’s, not your dog’s, not your weird neighbor Al next door. Christmas is the time of giving, of loving, and even accepting. So if someone decides to listen to Christmas music in a time you don’t think is fit, man up and let them do it. Accept it. Listen when you want. Listen when it’ll make you happy. Because that’s all that really matters anyway.