Why I Write

By Selyna Dehaas - Managing Editor

Every October 20th, since 2009, NCTE (National Council Of Teachers of English) celebrates the importance, joy, and evolution of writing through a tweetup, using the hashtag #WhyIWrite and events hosted by thousands of educators across the country. This day being the National Writing Day.

The social nature of writing invites people in every walk of life, in every kind of work, and at every age to make meaning through composing. 

Whether or not you write in your free time, write in a journal, write for your English class, write a blog, or even just sending text messages, we all are writers. This October 20th, is the perfect time to reflect on your writing and appreciate the importance of writing. 

At Lone Peak, we have very talented English teachers and student writers. Here are a few English teachers and student writers of Lone Peak expressing their opinion of why they write. Maybe their opinions can light a spark in you to start free writing on your own. 

Amelia McEwan

“I believe that you either love the work or the rewards and life is a lot easier if you love the work. I love to write. I get to spread much needed truth through my writing that I can’t say out loud. I write in the hopes of speaking to the private fears and joys that we all share, but we don’t get to talk about in public settings. It’s also a form of communication between people to build connections with one another and I love that. Writing can be anything, and I don’t know about you but I want to have the option to be anything and anyone I want to be.”

Savannah Fluhman

“I write to remind me I’m alive. My thoughts get tangled and twisted in my head, and writing offers a medium through which I can clean up my mind and spirit and sort out my brain. Poetry is unique in the way that it takes one word and gives it a thousand meanings. I can write about something in my life 20 different times, and I’ll come back with 20 completely unique pieces. Part of my love of writing is simply getting a chance to use all of the pretty words. There are so many different words that can invoke so many different feelings, and that’s so inspiring to me. One poem can break hearts, mend hearts, grow hearts, etc. etc. I write because no matter how I put words in order, every person will be able to feel something different when they read my work.”

Trevor Knorr

“I can’t say that I completely know why I write. I do know that art gives my life meaning, and writing is the medium I’m not only best able to express myself through, but also the one that fills me personally with the most belief in my inherent value. When I’m writing something that I can be proud of, I feel peaceful and thrilled at the same time. I believe I’m doing something that has meaning, even if and of itself. Even if no one ever reads it, I don’t think it’s meaningless. Yet something even more is possible when others do read it. Ultimately, if I’ve done it well, I’ve been connected to beauty and truth, and made something from the interaction.”


Amanda Garlock

“I write because I’m hungry for truth.  
I write because it saves me from the mundane and connects me to humanity.
I write because it’s scary.
I write because porcupines can’t. 
I write because I hate being stuck behind buses as much as I hate driving in front of cop cars; I want to go at my own speed.
I write because there are silent hurricanes that deserve to be heard.
I write for myself; I write because it’s freedom and restraint all in one delicate balance.
I write because it’s how my heart feels most alive.”

Kyle Nelson

“I honestly don’t know why I write. But I’m 37 years old and I’m still doing it. Maybe it’s the desire to create. Maybe it’s the release. Maybe it’s the immortality.”

Jensen Smith

“I write because I can’t not. Whenever I hear certain words I want to repeat them and keep using them in different ways and sharing them. Also, I have so much to say about everything and I love to share it with people and writing is the very best way for me to do that. Writing helps me in so many aspects of my life and I love it.”