Will it Pumpkin Spice?

By Selyna Dehaas - Managing Editor, Beth Ericson - Editor-in-Chief, Jensen Smith - Managing Editor

What is a girl’s favorite part of fall? Pumpkin spice of course. The trend of the pumpkin spice started with the pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. Since everyone is talking about it, it’s a must try. A couple other restaurants have tried experimenting with this unique flavor in donuts, marshmallows, cream cheese, ice cream, and much more. We decided to take this experimentation of pumpkin spice to the next level by pumpkin spicing a few unusual things and testing to see if pumpkin spice is really that magical. Can it make anything good?


French Fries

We bought fries from McDonalds and added the spice from there. We think if we actually made homemade fries with the pumpkin spice, it would be a lot better. But with the McDonalds fries, the flavor of pumpkin spice didn’t come through until the aftertaste. You almost couldn’t taste the spice at all because the fry itself was more powerful. We could also picture the pumpkin spice tasting super yummy on sweet potato fries. Even using the spice in place of salt would enhance the flavor and make it tastier. Sprinkling the spice on as an afterthought is definitely not worth the trouble.

Orange Juice

We used frozen concentrated orange juice and mixed two teaspoons of pumpkin spice. It sort of tastes like a citrusy holiday drink, like wassail, but cold. The aftertaste was weird and the texture was off because the spices didn’t dissolve. It seemed almost like you were taking a spoonful of spices and washing it down with orange juice. We wouldn’t try it again, but if it were warm it could have been a delicious drink.

File_000 (1).jpeg


This item was my very favorite thing we tried out of all of these pumpkin spiced foods. For this, we made homemade biscuits from scratch and then added the spice in when we put them in to bake. These almost tasted like some sort of monkey bread or pull-apart bread. It was actually super delicious. The taste was similar to cinnamon biscuits, but with additional spice flavors that made it even better. We would most definitely make this again.


For the rice, we made the microwavable one minute rice and added the pumpkin spice prior to cooking. Do not try this at home! White rice doesn’t taste like anything as is, so adding pumpkin spice to it tasted like eating a spoonful of nutmeg and cloves by itself. Add a weird texture into the mix and you have the perfect recipe for disgust.



Pumpkin spice bacon was an interesting experience. It smelled like pumpkin spice and caramelized sugar, but when you ate it all it tasted like was bacon. It was like smelling pumpkin spice while eating bacon, not like the bacon itself was spiced. There was a yummy pumpkin spice aftertaste, though. We probably wouldn’t make this again, but it was a fun idea.


This whole experience was a success. There are so many foods that can be pumpkin spiced. Pumpkin spice is a necessary aspect to having a great autumn season and seems to be such a big part of our culture. I believe it is not going away anytime soon, as it is such a popular flavor. Here’s to many more years of pumpkin spice!

*McDonald’s actually has their own recipe for pumpkin spice fries that we haven’t tried. But since they have a recipe and we didn’t, those fries would probably taste super delicious. Just saying.

Photos by Beth Ericson