Here at Lone Peak, we all know about skiing, snowboarding, and sledding. But what about some of the less talked about winter sports. A few of these include skeleton, ice hockey, and ice skating. Yes, these are sports and actually are included in the Winter Olympics.

Skeleton sounds like some made up a sport that should just be played around Halloween right? Actually, it’s an extreme sport, where you lay on a small sled, head first, and shoot down a hill at 100+ mph. Pretty dangerous, huh? It get’s it's cool name from the bony, skeleton-like look. Skeleton has the normal injuries that any other sport would have plus a few, because when you're going down a mountain at high speeds there are usually some added injuries. Some of these might include bone fractures, concussions, and pulled/torn muscles. However, even through all the injuries, it’s still a fun sport to watch. Here in Utah, there is an Olympic track right at, you guessed it, Olympic Park. This outdoor sport is dangerous but super the watch.

When you think about Hockey, most people's initial thought is, only in Canada. But surprise, surprise, it’s actually played in the U.S. too. We even have our own Olympic team. And what gets even better is that there are four teams within an hour of Lone Peak. You never know but there may be some people that you go to school with that are on one of these teams. Ice hockey is a full-contact sport that looks like and is a dangerous sport. Hockey reminds me somewhat of soccer and has a similar objective, get the ball (or puck in this instance) into the goal, except hockey is on ice and with sticks.

Ice skating is a super fun date idea that everyone needs to do at least once. But did you know that it is also a sport? It started as a racing sport in Scotland during the 13th and 14th century. They would use a bone as the blade, instead of metal which is now used. People would compete for prizes which would normally consist of money or food. Later on, in the 18th-century figure skating started to become popular. Incorporating ballet to skating became a hit and later people started to compete in competitions. Besides just the history of this cool date idea/sport, there are students here at Lone Peak that compete. And you can try it at almost any ice rink near you. Also, Ice Skating isn’t just a girl sport, boys can do it too:).

All the sports sound like they are made up or aren’t even played, however, people at Lone Peak play these sports and it is actually really fun to watch and aren’t talked about all the time. So the next time you’re wanting to try a new sport, maybe go and try one of these unique winter sports.