There are numerous ways to write. Fictional, non-fictional, fantasy, etc. Though many may not know, there are fifteen different genres, and over thirty different subgenres in writing. Writing is a very important part of communications in the world, English or not. Many writers in the world try to perfect their craft over the years, and some students in this school also share this passion. When you have questions about writing creatively, want to learn more about the art,  or just want to talk to others about writing here at Lone Peak High School, you should consider joining the Writer’s Guild! It’s a great club for any aspiring writers or anyone who would like to learn about specific topics of writing such as how to outline a story, or how to write a transformation scene. It’s also a good place to get feedback on any of your own writing ideas, or give feedback to others as well. The Writer’s Guild is a creative outlet for students to express their methods and thoughts and is also a safe haven for fellow writers to give constructive criticism and feedback.

As part of researching information about this guild, I was able to interview one of the members. I talked to Sydney Boren, one of Lone Peak’s seniors, who is the President of the Writer’s Guild here at Lone Peak. I interviewed her about details of the creative guild and where they have it. This is what she told me.

Q: What does the club do?

A: In Writer’s Guild we gather together as aspiring writers and discuss writing techniques/tropes, share our writing, and just get to know each other and our writing styles.

Q: When do club members meet?

A: We meet Wednesday during lunch every week.

Q:Where do the club members meet?

A: We meet in Mrs. Hunt’s room, 700.

Q: Who is in charge of the club?

A: I’m the president and Mila Hart is the Vice President.

Q: What should students do to get info if they are interested in the club?

A: Follow us on our Instagram @writersguildlp and DM us if you have any questions!

Creative writing is a wonderfully glorious outlet for creativity. If any of you out there want to know more about it, you should really check out this club. I’ve heard that it’s a super cool place to hang out if you want to make friends who are interested in writing. It’s a great place to start if you’re really intrigued about writing, for any genre. It’s an inspiring place to gain information and knowledge about novel writing as well. This club is open to anyone who is interested at all, so all students are welcome!