You See Them Outside of Class, But Where Do They Go During Class?

By Michael Spencer - Photo Editor

For the Special Ed students in our school, there are several extra curricular activities available to accommodate their needs and academic desires. There are many students that attend Lone Peak High School, and you probably know a lot of the super fun and loving people who are in the special ed program. Why is that do you think? One big reason is that these kids have participated in activities along with you like the mountain biking team. The lone peak mountain biking team called the Knight Riders, have over 100 participants involved in it, and some of them are in the special ed program.


Some other activities that the special ed program is involved with are dance, they have certain job training activities so that they can experience what it's like to work in different environments, and what the job is like, for example, in past years, they have had job training with the sandwich restaurant Subway, and other varieties of sports. More specifically, the Knight Riders are involving special education students extensively. If someone wants to do it, then they make it happen. And they always have people there to cheer them on as the reach their goals of being a Lone Peak High School Knight Rider. Maybe they have certain future job goals. In their class, like I mentioned before, they do many different activities that help them gain an understanding and background in different jobs, They have many resources to access for their journey through highschool, and like the rest of us, get a job, or whatever their imagination can come up with.
 Another activity that is offered for Lone Peak students involved in the Special Ed program is soccer. Here at lone peak we are a very athletics based school, and so there's definitely a sport for everyone. Track and Field holds a very large variety of events for a lot of different types of people. While there are people that can jump over 20 ft. over a stretch of sand, or can run a 400 meter length in under a minute, there are also amazing things happening for unified events too. 
We all know someone who will be going to the many activities planned for the special education students at lone peak. And you probably know that they are a super kind, fun, loving person. For example, if you saw who the homecoming royalty was, Savvy Young, and Sheldon Atkinson were Homecoming Duke and Dutchess. I had the opportunity to meet with the class and being a very observant person, I saw all these good attributes in the kids in that class. While they have all the academic things that they do in that class, you may be asking, why do they have all these activities planned for them? Well, the answer is simple. You and I have classes that are fun, great, and a good time to be in, and you and I also have after school activities that we will be participating in and looking forward to, so why would they not have similar activities? All the activities that are planned and participated in have a purpose. And yes, while some are just fun and games, those, and others that involve a little more intelligence to do, all build people’s character. They help with building social interaction, social experience, learning about other people, learning about yourself perhaps, or even just building a good and healthy love for people and the activity that you might be participating in. That is why many people put time, and hard work into planning and executing these activities for the Special Ed department here at Lone Peak.

Photo by The Lone Peak Yearbook Staff